Winning the waiting game

I’m seeing mostly milky trichs, but still some clear and no amber yet. Do most of you err on the side of caution, meaning cut before any amber, or live dangerously by waiting for the amber alert?

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Is this a shot of bud or sugar leaves. Sugar leaves turn first. Get pic of full plant and trichs from a lower bud. also, how long has she been in flower?
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That’s whole topic in itself. I like to chop when I see about 10% amber. I’ve read that the thc is highest when it’s all milky with little amber. But everyone is different

Agree with @beachglass

So hard to tell with a microscopic camera, the slightest movement bounces everything around when in tight and not enough detail when zoomed out. Maybe this picture is better?

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This is only my 3rd grow, last two turned out well using your preference of ~ 10% amber, but I always try to improve my processes. Thank you for your thoughts.

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There was a scientific study done that found that THC content was higher if it was missed 1 week too late than 1 week too early


I wish I could get a hand held scope and look. Old eyes and with glasses trying to look through a little bitty scope is a pain. Lol maybe something like this


I got a USB microscope from Amazon, it plugs into my tablet and works very well. The tricky part was rigging up a stand that will hold it steady.


@FuzzyLogic Get a 25$ microscope and cut a small chunk off the bud and set your microscope on a deskor table. View and relax looking at the trichomes.


I bought a USB microscopic camera on Amazon cheaply. Then I glued a magnet onto the base and stick it to an old music stand I had lying around. It works great! The stand adjusts easily so I get nice, steady shots. Also found out it is easier to move the stand around the plant than the plant around the stand so there is little to no plant wobble.

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