Looking for the best autoflower combination of smell and CBD/medicinal qualities

Hi! This summer I grew my very first cannabis plant outside on my patio, a CBD Kush Autoflower. But now that fall is approaching, I’m wondering about growing a cannabis plant indoors like a houseplant, without all the complication and investment of a grow tent, etc. Maybe just an inexpensive grow light. My CBD Kush Autoflower had enough smell that I think it would permeate my house grown indoors.

Am I looking for the impossible? A pleasant or light scent plus CBD, in an autoflower?

Thanks for reading! (I’m expecting the forum topic will show my username.)

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There is so much to learn. I think I have figured out that there are only three CBD autoflower varieties in the ILGM catalog. AND I just found the low odor link: Low Odor Strains & Weed Seeds - Low Odour Strain Selection!

It shows only two low odor autoflowers.
So, I haven’t discovered any overlap so far.

Here’s my report: I ordered the CBD auto seed mix and planted one White Widow CBD autoflower indoors. I grew it in the smallest (half gallon) A Pot for Pot on a windowsill without any tent. After sunset I would move it to a counter with a single $9 Home Depot grow bulb for a couple more hours of light.

Now it’s flowering, and is very low odor. I have to touch it or put my nose right up to the buds to smell it at all.

(I don’t know if the late fall and winter season has made it milder than it would be with hours of summer sunlight. This is my first winter indoor grow.)