Looking for high CBD, very low THC autoflower strains

Hi all,
New to autoflowers but not to growing. I’m looking for strains with high CBD and low THC (<1%) for blends I make for elderly siblings with MS and Parkinson’s disease.
Got a crop of Sweet CBD growing now, found the seeds in the UK I believe. Would really like to find a source in the USA that has a similar profile.
Looking forward to reading and learning more.

Electra is a good CBD only strain. I’ve smoked it before. Pretty decent stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know of a breeder in the US? I am looking for seeds.

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Unfortunately I don’t. I checked both ILGM and Seedsman and didn’t find it. You might be able to find it elsewhere. Electra is a pretty common CBD only strain. People just don’t buy them much so can be hard to find.

Thanks. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of strains yet, but I know some exist. I’ll keep looking.

Sorry it’s hard to find. Electra is really a good CBD strain. I’ve smoked it and barely noticed the THC.

You might Google “electra” and “seeds” and see what shows up. It’s ideal for what you are looking for.

There are a few in the store like blueberry CBD.
You just have to check the percentages in the description to see how much THC is in the plants.
Blueberry CBD has <1% (less than one percent)

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I’ve grown Blueberry CBD as a photoperiod, is an autoflower strain available?

I’ve had the full THC version of blueberry and it is one of my favorites. It is actually what I am smoking now from 2 harvests ago.

Im out of blueberry. I really really liked it.
The only autos in the CBD line have 6-9% thc. Low but not real low.
I wonder if it might be like 70s weed with that kind of thc content.

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However you can just run it 12/12 from the start and it will grow like an auto.
There are some growers here that grow all their photo period plants at 12/12

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True. However, I’d really like to find an auto variety to get the experience.

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If its because you think autos are easier that turns out to be false.
I started with autos and switched to photo period and found its ten times easier.
The only reason I can see to do autos now is if I cannot possibly give 12 hours of complete darkness.
Others will back me up here. Lots of us found this out.

One other reason is if you want a harvest outside before October.

Personal opinion here. I don’t intend to criticise you in any way, as we should all do what we want to do; however, I don’t get the allure of autos. They are harder to grow (much too sensitive to nutes,) generally small, and poor yield.


I grow high CBD and low THC plants however, I send my harvested plants to a lab. One said it was 10%CBD 5% THC. It turned out 11% THC 4.5% CBD. So you really don’t know. A lot depends on when you harvest. Good luck and have fun.

AC/DC my favorite cbd strain. That has high cbd and really low thc.

Just pick any of them as they all are low on thc.

O wont say pior yielders but they r aloy more sensative to everything. Also auto buds come out to be looser and more airy than a photo type bud. If ur making salbes and creams thats fine but if u wanna off the buds id stick to photos as the buds are alot better. Good luck either way ull still jave kick ass buds

Charlotte’s Angel or Charlotte’s Web from Dutch Passion …you can also try Remedy, Valentine X or Ringo’s Gift…:sunglasses::v:

Not true. Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD is 17% CBD and 21% THC. This is their new seeds. Their old ones was I believe 25% THC and 23% CBD or vice versa. :+1::+1::+1: