Best autoflowers for indoor growth

I’ve bought a 32"x32"x63" Topolite complete hydroponic growing system with 800w led with carbon filter and exhaust fan with duct work grow tent. My question is which auto strains would grow best with this setup. Will be using 3 gallon pots

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you’d do fine with any of them
Base the purchase of your beans on what your looking for medical or recreational?
Higher thc for recreational and higher cbds for medical use
Ive grown super skunk autos ak47 auto blueberry autos and white widow autos all have done great indoors
I grow mostly photos but to mix in a auto or two with my photos why not lol


Yup White Widow’s are frequently new grower recommendations. Also super skunk n ak47 are supposed to be newbie friendly. I love the taste of Jack Herer and Blueberry but ive heard they are a little more… finicky then the others. But ILGM has amazing stable genetics all around. Try the auto pack (if they still have it) it has a nice variety n decent discount

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I have been happy with the NL auto and Blueberry Auto, both yielded well and no problems during cycle. I actually had 3 auto Blueberry plants last year and one went male on me. I let it do it’s thing and now I am in flower of a seed from those plants.

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Thanks for all the help people it’s really appreciated.
Happy growing #NORML

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That is awesome man. I always wonder the chances of getting a male autoflower. They are never for sale. Im assuming its to keep those hard earnd auto genetics in house

When I saw the male flowers on an auto I knew I was going to try it. I have several hundred seeds now. I figured it was a rare thing to have happen, super stoked it happened to me. So far all the seeds are auto.


Awesome man. Awesome. Now i gotta convince u to share a few so i can… er… um test em

I’ve found that White Widow and Northern Lights are the easiest autos to grow. Amnesia Haze and Blueberry are the hardest for me @Marine1.

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I’m not personally familiar with ilgm genetics, but I’d say any but the tallest, most finicky sativa would be fine for your space.

Do you want a high or a stone? Do you have medicinal needs? Are you looking for a particular flavor/aroma profile? Do you have time or other grow constraints? What’s your grow experience? Answer those questions to find your strains.:grinning: