Jonny Utah Grow Journal OG and mystery sativa

Hey everyone. I am starting up a grow journal. Please give feedback and advice on anything that I could be doing better.


24in x 48in x 60in tent
1000w COBB philzon light + 300w led (way lower watts from the wall)
4in carbon filter intake with fan
4in fan booster outtake with carbon filter
2x 6in fan
Miracle grow moisture control soil (repotting with fox farms happy frog this week)

Coming next week… tent 2
24in x 48in x 60in tent
Similar fan/filtration setup
HLG 260xl quantum board
2x Dehumidifiers

Plants were germinated at the end of feb and we’re outdoor for 3 weeks then moved into the tent.
6 are candy OG that I pulled out of buds over the past year 2 of the 6 are baby’s (very high quality strains with large dense buds)
1 random sativa seed probably jack/trainwreck that was germinated 3 weeks ago

Because of the MG soil, I haven’t given nutes yet because of advice here but plan on using the fox farm 3 pack (big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big)

I have a ph pen and ppm meter. I watered a couple days ago and have 7ph water going in and 5.25ph coming out.

Here’s is a back log of pictures

March 20th

March 30

April 5th

April 7th (after training)

April 8th

Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Jonny Utah


Tent 1 setup


Hey @JonnyUtah Happy to see you start journal. I’m set to watch. Don’t forget that you can tag folks in to follow your grow. Good Luck.

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Thanks @Bulldognuts !

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Hey, I also wanted to say I’m glad you put your name on journal. That’s what got my attention. Remembered the conversation we had. :+1:


Your advice really put me in the right direction and I appreciate that. I have a lot of work to do this weekend to get ready for the 2nd tent and lights.

I wish I held onto some of the seeds because I don’t know what to do with the little guys. Might just move them outdoor once flowering hits.

Also, I’ve been on a 24 hour light schedule except for watering and pest spraying days. I give them 6 hours after to dry off and avoid burning. What schedule have you been using?

Jonny Utah

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If you are talking about the plants in pics you can start 18/6 schedule. They are old enough to need some rest with lights off. If you have seedlings then you can keep them on 24. Personally I’ve never used 24 hr schedule for seedlings. Not saying you shouldn’t just saying I’ve only used 18/6 schedule from seedling until I go to Flower. My first 2 grows I was flying blind. So anything that worked, before I learned better I still do.

I’ll move over to that once I get my 2nd light on the timer tomorrow.

I’m going on a scavenger hunt for FF soil locally given I haven’t heard back from the website I ordered from. But I get it, e-commerce is backed up big time because of the virus. Plus amazon is 4 days to a week and a half out for a lot of products. Its going to take much longer to react to issues that pop up.

Any key items I should have in my stable?

Jonny Utah

I’m set to watching brother. Gonna come along for the ride, if you don’t mind :v:


I went back and looked at your setup. The only thing I noticed right off is cal mag. High intensity LEDs can cause plants to use up cal mag faster. So once you get new lights going you may start getting cal mag deficiencies. Wouldn’t hurt to get some and to have available if needed. I also noticed your ph is coming out low. That’s one of the problems with MG soil it can throw off ph. If you can’t find FF soil I believe Home Depot sales Black Gold which I’ve read is acceptable for cannabis growing.

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I’m starting my grow journal to I’m new to this site so let me know how I’m doing

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Tag me into your journal as well, if you don’t mind :v:

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I’m growing bag seed I have to much fertilizerb on my first plant it was started from seed 1 I grew it fine through vegg stage than I decided to wait three days into complete darkness than flip it to 12/12 I was giving fox farm trio nut grow big

I hope I start seeing flowers in 10 days aren’t you suppose to see flowers in seven to ten days?

I have a 2300 watt light led from amozone which has a flower bloomed switch 1is the white light for vegging 2is the flower bloomed switch for vegg ? I get 3500 ka on the white light I have all colors on my light on the light spectrum chart infared Uv red blue aren’t you suppose to have five colors in the led light? If not it’s no good to us

After going to 12/12 you should see buttons forming. That’s the start of Flower.

Once you flip to Flower use both, flower and veg switch.

Still learning the ropes here! Thanks @repins12

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@at Johnny Utah what up

@Bulldognuts thanks bulldog is the white light strong than the red bulldog or red stronger than white?

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