First grow any advice appreciated

Beware of amazon lights! While some are good, the actual wattage used by the lights (and not the fans inside) are much less than advertised. I got a small light as part of my tent kit, But after spending some time on this form, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. Then I upgraded to a $150 amazon light, and wile it stated it was 1000w, it was only pulling 240w from the wall and I would be lucky if it used 1/2 of that on the actual light.

Everyone on here directed me to the HLG 260w XL which is built for a 2x4. It isn’t cheap compared to the amazon lights ($375), but seems well worth it so far. I even bought another on eBay for $220 to replace my amazon lights.

It shows sold out right now, but I’ve seen that other sites have them in stock.

HLG 260w XL

Good luck with the new grow. Feel free to follow along with my grow below. This is my first grow and I just am entering the flowering stage.

Jonny Utah Grow Journal OG and mystery sativa

Jonny Utah

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