Help! Only 4 seeds left to play with…

Hi all! I got ahead of myself and started germinating while still reading forums before I have a complete set up. This is getting as expensive as the dispensary if I don’t get it right soon! Purchased 10 Purple Haze from ILGM. All sprouted but the cat got to the first 2. I started 3 more in peat pellets, not successful and now I started 2 more. They are streeeeeeched so far I don’t know if they can be saved? Does anyone know if transplanting burying stem deep will work (like for tomatoes)? I have a small oscillating fan on them and spray rainwater to moisten peat pot2x per day. The current lights are @ 24”. They were a no name brand on Amazon that said LED full-spectrum but I think they are really crap. Trying to decide on which lights to buy for the rest.

Their forever home is going to be in Kelloggs Organic. I’m thinking one 1 gal inside and one 5 gal outside. I also bought Fox Farms nutrients but I’m not sure if I should be using that along with the soil?


Yes it will.

It’s clear though that you have insufficient light which is why they stretched.


Yes, you can plant stems deep like tomatoes, but if your light is crap they’ll continue to stretch. I’d lower it closer to start, but if your budget allows, get a real light. I highly suggest hlg. I bought a refurbished 350r and it’s rocking my plant. It’s just an expensive you have to take on if you want to seriously be in the game. If you’re going organic I wouldn’t use the fox farm nutrients unless you use the organic fruit and flower 4-9-3. That’s what I use along with worm castings, perlite, and some biothrive when I water. Here’s my OG kush plant.


Some growers really like Green-Beams lights. They are high quality, yet affordable.


Let me just say welcome to the forums and the coolest cannabis site on the internet! Lots of help here always.

Like you I fell victim the the dreaded Amazon first light purchase. I believe it was some KingLED 1200 watt “blurple” light. I ended up purchasing a Spider Farmer SF2000 for my 2x4 tent.

Light is SUPER important, along with other factors of course. Yes, theyre expensive but its neccesary if you want to grow some stellar cannabis.

I too purchased an HLG350r just recently as an upgrade. Its… not cheap. Retails around 600 (but they have military discounts).

Green Beams lights are less expensive.

Would need to know your budget and grow space to give you recommendations.

Best of luck to you!!! Get yourself a tent and keeo your kitties away from those seedlings! :joy:

We have 5 dogs and 2 cats ourselves and lord knows without a tent theyd be making a mess of any grow attempts we try lol

These are our babies. Still another 4ish weeks to harvest though!


I gallon is small unless you prune the plant to match the container’s size. Purple haze can grow to be quite large. These four I grew last year. Pruned and trained to 8 colas manifold. They are outside in the driveway getting a thorough flush.
Inside and outside are they autos? Unless you are in the southern hemisphere our daylight hours are getting pretty short.


I’m a first time grower to. Been wanting to grow since I was like 12 years old. That’s a little over 30 years ago. Anyway I at first was trying to spend about a grand for my whole set up. Had a cart with vivosun set up for 1100. I didn’t like the the way the conversation was going with vivosun Rep and I decided to think about it a little longer.
My thought is if I’m going to spend money I might as well spend money on something I know I won’t later wish that I got something better.
So I went with the GROWERS CHOICE ROI-E720. Its hands down the best light you can get for it’s class and just under 1000 bucks. I’m happy with mine. I know I don’t have to ever upgrade it. I got it with the growers choice master controller that gives it an even higher boost pff of over 2000 and 2.6 . Have it in a 5x5 ac infinity running it with co2 and my little girls are looking happy about now. Just over 5 weeks or so. Light is important . Pay now and get it out of the way or pay harder later on is the way I see things.

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Beautiful ladies there :+1:.
Got my fingers crossed and I can’t wait for mine to shine line those . :crossed_fingers:

Thank you. I figured it didn’t make sense to use organic soil with chemicals…. I already practice vermiculture so that I can add! I will look up more about biothrive.


Thank you! Blurple lol - that is exactly what color it is!

Ok, this is the thought: My husband wants to sheetrock the shed and put in an a/c - heater unit. The shed is 10x12. We are going to order a grow tent that is 4x4x80. I think we liked MarsHydro on sale for 129. It looks like we can get the AC Infinity for 129 also. The rest of the stuff, diy from Home Depot.

What wattage of LED would you recommend for about 4 plants in that space? We are thinking of spending around $500.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: im a first time grower myself and started out with a vivosun vs2000. Within 2 months i purchased a HLG 260XL and then upgraded that to a HLG 320. I still feel like i dont have enough light lol… i am strickly organic. Im using Coast of Maine products. I have 3 G13 Autos that are 6 weeks old and i have a Gelato and Sunset Sherbert that ive had in veg since June. Best advice i can give you is research. I spent months researching forums. I know i have alot investeseed ( i built a climate controlled 8 x 12 room) but it will pay for itself relatively fast with a guaranteed return.


I see a trend that people like HLG lights. That helps me narrow down what seems like endless research (but FUN research when there are pictures!). I grow my veggies organic so I don’t know why I wouldn’t want my weed the same. We also are going to build a climate controlled room aka the shed. What pitfalls/suggestions do you have on your experience with that? I figure we learn from eachother - why re-invent the wheel!

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Thats why we are here is to help. Alot depends on the size of your room, how many plants you plan to grow, how big you want to grow them ( space allowed ). With my 5 its my limit. Matter of fact, what ive learned off this grow, ill be cutting back my next grow around :joy::joy:

Thank you for this - I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I bought them from ILGM and to be honest, I am not sure. It says it flowers in 9 weeks and is Indica/Sativa mix. Is 5 to 7 gal pots ok? I was going to start them both under lights and then put one outside in a 5 gal and keep one inside. Can plants safely be moved indoors when it gets too cold? So much to learn…

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Man those flowers are Gnarly looking …they are gonna be fire !!!

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Those are beautiful plants !!!


Im growing in 5 gal fabric containers. Its great for runoff and the roots and soil get plenty of air. As far as moving from outdoor to indoor… it can be done, but it will shock the plant, so just be ready with suitable light and conditions indoor. Lots of things to look out for growing outdoors ( bugs and disease ) and dependent on where you live ( our days in the nothern hemisphere are getting shorter ) you might not have time to really start an outdoor grow… one thing you need most important is a ph meter for your water. You want your water at or very close to 6.5 if you are growing organic, then you really ahould juat have to water and follow your soils companies feed schedule ( cut in half )

I like 7 gal. pots because I can water with a full gallon and get very little runoff. Then it doesn’t need watered again for a few days. If you’re going to grow more than two plants under a light, you’re going to need a pretty powerful light. $500 probably won’t get it. I’d be looking at something like the hlg 650r.

Yes they can. They may need some conditioning for the changing conditions. I do not grow outdoors. It is not an option for me. One concern is bringing into the house and grow space is unwanted pests.

Number of plants is irrelevant. It is square feet to be covered. My point is I can grow one plant that will cover 4x4. This is one plant in a 3x3

I have also grown 12 plants in a 2x2 space (clones pruned to the necessary size).
The important measurement is average PPFD over the the space. You want an average PPFD of 750 to 1000 edge to edge / corner to corner to produce quality buds. The closer to1000 the better.

In a 4x4 my personal preference is to have two lights. Each with a 2x4 flowering footprint rather than one large light. 2 gives you more flexibility.
You mentioned HLG. They are top quality and customer service is unsurpassed. I have 3 260 V2 Rspec lights in my 30x72" closet.
Two HLG lights that would fill up a 4x4 is 2x 320W XL or the 2x 350r.
I have two plants in the closet right now. I rolled them out for a little maintenance yesterday

Growlightscience has a few lights that intrigue me. Its Grow 300 spec looks to fit the bill nicely. It says it uses “top bin Samsung diodes” but I would want to confirm with GLS exactly what diodes it uses.

Good luck