1st Ever Grow&Journal (MA)

Hi guys i recently acquired some seeds in a bag. The person growing is in MA ill be asking questions and posting pics on their behalf.

We got 3× Blue Dream, 1× Super Silver Haze and 1× OG Kush.

Swim has put the seeds in water and tried two different variables. The blue dream is in normal water under a 60w light just to see how it compares to the Super Silver in the dark, humid place. From what I see the blue dream seeds look bigger.

Will need help on this from the community and from what I’ve see you guys generally are awesome people with good hearts and intrests.

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@garrigan62 am I wrong on this or should the seeds be in the dark or covered at this point shouldn’t they . No direct light on the seeds and root when it pops out

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I heard that using light means its not using much of its own resources which then means it can use them on growing, healthy roots ect…

Nothing has popped out yet hasn’t been a full day even tho


Seeds don’t matter. But when they spout roots, you don’t want the roots to recieve any light at all’



It is going to use its resources any way but when that little tongue sticks out you dont want it in dicect light . You should download the free grow bible from the main page if you haven’t already done so. There is a great section on germination and planting .


Welcome! More MA growers :slight_smile:


Yh for sure bro thanks alot :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the great hospitality

Yh i see and one of the seeds is opening ever so slightly

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Get it in soil or a grow medium of your choice to protect the tender new parts from the light


Welcome @Ishy I’m from MA too. What is there now a couple of hundred of us now? Lol

Ask any questions and we will do our best to help you out!

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Yall getting a regular tribe going up in MA . But these guy’s will help you have a wicked sic grow . Did I get that right ?


Yh there is and haha have put them in temp grow medium but putting in fox farm in a day or 2

Haha i do hope this grow goes well.

Hi guys is a 400W HPS light fine.

@Ishy I bought my lights on ebay as well. LED’s but I got a pretty good deal!

Ok my bad. How many plants would fit in a 2m×2m×2m tent and would 2×1000w (LED full spectrum) be enough for 12 plants in soil not hydroponic

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@Ishy sort of depends which plants you grow. Indica’s grow wide and sativas are more narrow and taller. Hybrids can be all of the above. I wouldn’t grow anymore than 6 plants (2 rows of three) in that size or maybe even a few less if you intend to LST or SCROG.

I’m not an expert on lights but the 1000 LED’s, look at the label or literature and see what wattage they draw from the outlet. 1000 watt is the LED output and can sometimes be confusing.

I’m going to say that they would be close to enough there is a formula to determine the correct wattgae needed to cover a specific grow area, but I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.

I’m gonna tag a few of my buds to answer the LED light question. All three are pretty good growers and are a bit more versed in the lights.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Matthew420 @Niala


Haha thanks alot bro. Im gonna put them in 5 litre pots fina. This is just a warm up im doing but getting prepared for the real thing soon.

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With leds your looking for 25 to 50 watts per square foot figured by actual watt draw
So figure out how many square meters you have convert to square footage and you’ll be able to determine your needs
But I’m think you’ll be fine with two 1000 watt leds for your space most will cover (foot print) max 4x4 in feet core covage a little
@Niala has some great info on light, lumes ,and distances etc
He should see this and when he does I’m sure he’ll post it
Happy growing bro and if you have questions just ask
Oh and welcome to ILGM forum