Jonny Utah Grow Journal OG and mystery sativa

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Ok bulldog I will do

It’s not a matter of strength. They are different spectrums. Different spectrums for different stages of growth. The reds are more for Flower. The whites and blues are more veg is the simplest way to put it.

I have a 5000 what two

@kcj in new too and trying to figure it out! @Bulldognuts has been a huge help along with @Audiofreak and @Myfriendis410

Soil update: I found Happy Frog locally and am picking up today with some cal mag.

For applying cal mag, how often and how much? Or just when the plants look droopy but have water?

Jonny Utah

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@Bulldognuts bulldog you said use both switches for pre flower and flower to bloom I have only one switch

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My red light and a little white in there

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I had cal mag issue on second grow after upgrading lights. On third grow I took a wait and see approach. Around 3rd week of veg noticed slight leaf discoloration so I started cal mag then. Another thing to keep in mind I was was using RO water which has nearly everything stripped from it. Including cal mag. If you are using tap water you won’t necessarily need cal mag right away.

Not sure what light you have. But the one switch is for bloom or Flower then then switch it on when you go to Flower.

I gotcha bulldog sounds like a plan Stan

Been almost a week about the last update and I have been busy. Found a local supply is fox farms happy frog and picked up some calmag. Transplanting into the same 7gal fabric pots wasn’t easy, but my buddy helped out quite a bit. Had to pick out the old soil to make room for a good amount of the fox farm. We did lose some roots but held on to the major root ball.

The I am going to water tomorrow, and given they have been in the new soil for 4 days, should I feed too? I held off on feeding because of the miracle grow soil.

Also, I just got a thermometer/humidifier that links to my phone so I’ll post the ups and downs. I have been turning the lights off for 6 hours between 8pm -2am, because that’s when I can water, and I see a spike in humidity then. Any advice on lighting schedules that work best for you?

I got the HLG light and will be assembling it this week. Just need to clear out a little more space for the 2nd tent.

I also continued training the plants and am basically trying to separate the new tops as much as possible and have them reach the other side of the pot. Any advice on further training?

Jonny Utah


Usually you don’t need to feed for 4-6 weeks with the fox farm soils. I only water if pots feel light also usually give them around a week to adjust to up potting prior to doing anything other than watering, if needed. Just what I have been doing with my soil grows :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


The new growth looks good so I will hold off from feeding. For watering, the top inch of the soil is pretty dry, but the pots aren’t as light as when I would normally water them. It has been a lot warmer over the past 2 days, so I’m guessing that’s factoring into the top soil being dry. I’ll check tonight before the lights go off to see if I should hold watering until tomorrow.

Hey Everyone

Watered the plants late last night and had a pH of 7.65 going in and 6.25 coming out in the runoff. I am seeing that my largest of the plants is a little more yellow than the others. What do you think would cause that?

Also, what pH do you shoot for in your runoff?

Jonny Utah

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday. It’s about time to batch up a couple mai tais and get to work on tent #2. But before I do that, here’s a quick update on defoliating the plants. I noticed there were some wet spots on the leaves 12 hours after watering and some of the inside leaves were dying off because of lack of light. I hope I didn’t trim too much.

Another update once the tent and HLG light is finished.

Jonny Utah

Mai tai


The plants have recovered quite well and I got tent 2 set up. Should have the HLG light fully operational by tonight.

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And the light is in!!!

Building the kit wasn’t too bad, but it was my first time messing with electrical systems. I did rewatch the instruction video about 15 times. I wish HLG would at least include some paper instructions to make it a little easier.

And is that bad boy bright! I couldn’t believe it next to my blurple setup.

I moved my biggest plants into the HLG tent and the smaller ones in the blurple tent. I might move another plant in the HLG so I have 2 in the blurple and 3 in the HLG.

Any advice on how far to hang the light from the canopy? I have it set as 24in on full power.

@Bulldognuts @repins12 @Myfriendis410 @Audiofreak

Jonny Utah

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You are gonna love it. Good on you for taking some advice and following through.

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My plants seem to like 24" and the lights close to the lowest setting. That being said that’s my plants and my set up. They will let you know if you are too far away or too close. In my opinion 24" would be a good place to start. :v:

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Do you ever turn yours all the way up? The light is pretty powerful even with the dimmer all the way down. I’m in veg right now, but am running it on max power. Should I turn it low and save full power for flower?

Jonny Utah