JonnyPM's Grow Form

Well I finally got the form done that I mentioned earlier in another post. I added a couple things, like the 6/2 lighting (thanks @monkman) and lighting type/height. The forum wouldn’t let me upload a pdf, so it’s a jpg. I also left room on left if you needed to hole-punch it for a binder.

Hope it works for you. Let me know of any other suggestions or ideas.

@roseofsharon, @Hungrybud, @Amjk, @Myfriendis410, @Jarnkat, @SmokingWolverine .



@JonnyPM i just used the 18/6 for a couple of weeks before i went to the 6/2 and this is my first grow so i don’t really have a bunch of experience to draw from, but i noticed a difference in my plants when i changed over, less drooping anyway. i will be going to my first flowering in a couple days!

@monkman I had just transplanted two when we talked about it last time and decided, what the heck, so they’ve been 6/2 and look great. They grew like crazy before the transplant, so I don’t really know if that schedule is better or not.

Flowering, nice! I have one about a week or two from harvest, can’t wait!

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