Can we upload a "Grow Form" pdf?

Tagging you @MattyBear because I think you’re a moderator?

I created a form that I use for growing, yeah, I’m a nerd that way sometimes. I’ve attached an image of part of it, incase it’s not allowed. I thought maybe it might be useful for others. And I’m getting ready to modify it, so I thought others with more experience would be able to provide some insight or ideas on what else might be beneficial to include in the form if it was something that I could share with others. This could be used for just one plant per page or for a grow with multiple plants. Also, it could be filled out on a computer or printed and handwritten.



I like that!!

I personally don’t see an issue with it, unless you were trying to sell the template and I don’t think you are. Let’s see what @latewood says :v::bear:

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I don’t know if the forum software can accept a .PDF file. If you can’t then send as a JPEG.

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for sure mate

great idea @JonnyPM i am new so don’t have much to offer except that i am on 6 hr on 2 hrs off for my lighting so you might want to add that one. some are using that on here now.

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@monkman what is the aim/science behind the 6/2 lighting schedule?

i will explain on mine @Amjk don’t want to polute jarnkat’s thread.

oops sorry, i meant jonnyPM’s thread.

@monkman, can you tag me into your 6/2 discussion?


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here’s the link bud @JonnyPM, and you’re very welcome.

6-2 growth cycle, worked surprisingly well

IndoorLights & Ventilation

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I’d be interested in something like that. I almost bet in a cannabis lab they do.