Are we there yet? Trichome pictures

Hey everyone!

I think I’m getting close to chopping at least one of my plants. What do you think???

Also, check out my grow journal below.
Jonny Utah Grow Journal OG and mystery sativa

Tent 1

Tent 2

Plant 1

Plant 3 (plant 2 is a few weeks behind)

Let me know what you think? Are they ready to harvest?

I’m a big indica fan, so I’m guessing I want to go more amber. Thinking that plant 3 is close though.

Jonny Utah

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Looking good maybe a little more amber :wink:

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I see some amber tricomes on the sugar leaf on plant 3, so close till on calyx. But still seeing a lot of straight white pistols on them all, more time imo :smile:

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To many white pistols… watch trikes but those whites gotta fade out.