Help at 12 weeks flower- foxtailing?

Hi everyone…Im 12 weeks into flower with 4 plants…2 lemon haze 2 tahoe og…the grow has been going great…they are in soil (michigan mix) 5 gal fabric pot…have kept the grow mainly 100% organic with just keep track of the ph and sugaree…feeding them about 3/4 to a gal each every other day…the buds have been packing on the weight…and the trics have slowly started to turn milky… but now I dont know if they are foxtailing…can someone…anyone please help guide me…

THanks for all your help as always

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Yes, that’s foxtailing. See a lot of amber in that last pic.

thanks for that quick reply…what do I do at this point?

It’s not a bad foxtail as the buds look pretty dense. That last bud looks like it’d put you in a coma if you smoked it. The other two pics are a bit behind the last. All pics from the same plant?

they are a mix of each plant…the buds are very dense…how damaging is this going to be for the harvest and final product…is there anything I should do at this point…Im guessing I may be a week or 2 away from harvest…

I just popped a few of those lil buds and found tiny lil what looks like seedlings…how bummed out should I be??

You’ll just lose bag appeal but you’ll gain weight. So it’s not a bad foxtail unless you want dispensary looking buds.

Got pics?

its all for personal use…will it lack quality that is should have…what pics would you like…more of the foxtailing…

Pics of this :point_up_2:. No it won’t lack quality. This is a bad foxtail. Loose, larfy bud

just took pics…uploading from phone now…

one of those pics is another one of the sacs I broke open…

That does look like a developing seed. @garrigan62 post above this one, first pic. Oh, and @Vexer since you impregnate on purpose, maybe you’ve seen this?

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Foxtailing isn’t liked by a lot of growers due to looks, but it actually means your plant is working super hard to create new buds; so it’s actually a good thing. Many growers who understand this actually appreciate some beautiful foxtailing in their cannabis. However, different circles believe otherwise but they are wrong lol.


That is not a developing seed, it is a unmature pollen sac. Seeds are usually covered by the calyx it grows in. Some seeds do surface tho.

It may also be a swollen calyx and that seed thing is actually the new flowers being produced.

If I could see it before you busted it open then I’d be able to tell. It doesn’t actually look like a pollen sack at all IMO. If you can take one picture of the plant so I can zoom in on it I can tell you for sure.

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Good news @MrPromo :point_up:

Seed in calyx

Seed out of calyx

Looking closer now I see no signs of pollination or a Hermie. Swollen calyx and foxtailing tend to go hand in hand. Both good things.

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here are 3 close up pics…cant get much closer without is getting out of focus

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