Has this girl hermaphodited?

Bruce Banner feminized seeds. Fox farms ocean forest soil. Close to harvest date. I used Fox Farms nutrients. My tent is running hot (about 85 degrees. Have I stressed her out?

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I can’t see anything.

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Where exactly is your area of concern? I don’t see anything either.

I third that. A little foxtailing is all I see.

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When you say close to harvest, how close you thinking? Those look to me like they still have a while to go? I don’t see anything to concerning.

I’m doin BB auto’s right now, you look good to me. The buds get what’s a good word….wild! Like boulders.

This pic is a week or so old. Harvesting on Fri. Your plants look good.

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Looks like the start of foxtails


Have you popped a seed out? Hard to see but doesn’t seem to be any seed pods pecking out. Rock on for a few more weeks and what’s up.

Not seeing any nanners here. Will look like a super small pack of banannas if it herms on u. They will be bright yellowish compared to the bud parts. Can spot a nanner in a bud a mile away lol. U look good here beside a bit of foxtailing. Turn light down just a touch or raise the light a touch to get some of the heat off the plants see if it stops foxtailing. Looking good tho id say 3 to 5 weeks left on it just from looks

Thanks everyone. I’m going to raise lights and see if that helps.