Having the time of my life

3rd and 4th grows going great and the 5th set is just about ready to go outside im not a pro but growing pot is definitely for me


Congratulations, Living the dream is the life.


Dare we say, you love growing marijuana? :rofl:



I’m with ya! I’m on my 3rd grow.

I like growing it probably even more than smoking it.

Go figure


My oldest told me the other day that i care more about the plants than i do her and her sisters lol :laughing:


[quote=“Graysin, post:3, topic:86262”]
Dare we say, you love growing marijuana?
[/quote] The dream got delayed for 35 years and now paroled.
Wish I could have had this forum 35 years ago.


I’ve been smoking weed all my adult life; got into gardening to grow hot peppers and tomatoes. My original grow room was constructed to grow those. When my state legalized, it really was a dream come true for me. Wallet got a bit lighter that day lol


Loving what you do is showing in your grow looks great

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@alvino83 I’d say it’s all our jams too lol. It’s a fantastic hobby for sure. We’re all just a bunch of doting moms & dads. Love them kids til we kill’em all!!! Sorry slipped into Metallica mode for a second there lmao!!

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Agree with all above, there is something about knowing what you are smoking came from that lil seed to a plant, then dried and cured to a delicious bud. Growing definitely almost as good as consuming. I have a garden and thought it was awesome when I grew a watermelon to eat, but nearly as good as my pot plants

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