Whats your reasoning for growing?

First, it isn’t about money for us.

Our story goes like this. We have had the same two flavors, strains, for 6 years+. 200-300 a month.
Depending on which flavor.

We figured we could set up using annual consumption budget.

Lone star state isn’t friendly about growers.

319.00 hlg light. 149.00 seed purchase my sweetie bought. Which gave us 15percent off p4p. 100-15=85.00. Which got me 40.oo coupon for future seed purchase from ilgm on my first purchase.

Money left over. We shopping for wooden storage shed based on that annual budget. 4x4 dedicated already.

Originally i was going to use our rv shower for 2x3. Them plans scratched, shed is now in the budget.

Lowes has wooden 10x8, 10x10 1529.00 with floor.
Take my 10 percent military off. Still way under budget.

Sweetie wants to clone lantanas in off season and other uses. Vegging garden plants.

Seems win win.


Longtime medical cannabis advocate for a few decades here in NY. Was glad when they legalized it.

I actually broke my back in 2020. Refuse to go down the opiate route, and so here i am!


I’m growing for my wife. We both smoke but she REALLY like to smoke . Has to deal with me some how :rofl:. I just got tired of driving out to our indian rez (hour and a half drive). Was great that they legalized it here in Ny but I hate the drive. Figured I’d give it a try. I’m absolutly obsessed with this now. Can’t wait until my 1st harvest.


Well - that was a MAJOR part of my decision spending upwards of a grand a month.
I also like growing things.Once Virginia went legal it was a no-brainer.
With my first two big harvests I’ve paid back all my expense of setting up and have basically been putting(keeping) money in my pocket since then.
Total win-win in my book!

My old broker comes to me now when he can’t find weed - and despite the fact he made literally thousands off of me over the years I just give it to him.
I’m NOT a weed dealer. I tried that once and while I did make some money the stress just wasn’t worth it!
F that noise! I just ended up smoking more of my profit due to the stress.
That’s why when I actually did accumulate stuff I didn’t want to lose i went to using a broker.
I don’t want to know where you got it or how much they have or any names or NOTHING.
Here’s some money and this is what i want for it and don’t bring no heat to my crib!

So yeah - money is exactly the reason I grow weed. I’m probably 10k to the good by now since I haven’t bought weed in almost a year!
Aside from a couple of blunts I’ve bought from people just to help them out.
Most of my buddies won’t just take cash, otherwise I’d just give it to them. I guess they feel better trading goods and services as opposed to a “hand out”.
Wish they were all like that. LOL!


Gardening is gardening. This happens to be cannabis indoors. My wife partakes and I do not but I love growing this flower. We are in an illegal state. Wife had excellent responsible sources but still hated to make that call. A couple zips + a month adds up. So, here I am
The 3x3 this morning

p.s. I’ve been able to keep ahead of her intake


3x3, please brag some, your plants say you earned it. They are :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: awesome looking. Type of light?


When Covid was at it’s peak a couple years ago. My buddy, who smokes all the time and also grows this, was talking about growing. So I guess kinda on a dare, I gave it a shot. I remember him laughing at me since I’ve never grown this before.
Now he is asking me for some advice.


It is about money for us. But also future plans as soon as the red tape goes down here in the lone star state. From $100 a week from “old dude”, to an extra $20 a month on the light bill. Over the last year, with seeds, soil, lights, nutes and other things, I’ve spent right at half what our yearly spending on cannabis was at. I’m at a point that I don’t have to purchase anything for the grow for a long time. And just harvested almost 6 months worth of smoke. I also have another 3 or 4 months worth growing.

Now, though money is still a big part of it, plant therapy plays a huge role. My stress levels are down since I started, big time. It’s half of the reason I grow now.


Covid season started and I was working from home sitting on a p4p kit I was too intimidated by to start. Money and medical conditions got me off my ass and I’m a pretty decent grower now.


The light is a little unusual

Four Pacific Light Concepts (RIP) Photo Boost strips sit on top / straddle a Kind K3 XL600 - 450 total watts

I also have a closet with a couple autopots in it - from last week

Each plant / frame as its own HLG 260 Rspec.


I grew my first outdoor grow in the 5th grade and have been at it since. Just like I got my first Minibike at 6 years old and have had a motorcycle ever since. It’s who I am.


@Borderryan22 @yourviolentpast similar story with COVID.
I checked and I ordered the tent and everything on 7/25/2019. First seed order was from ILGM on 7/16/19

I have to see how many of the autoflowering seeds I have left - lots. It didn’t take long for me to switch to photos.

Isn’t there a saying about hell freezing over. We can only hope. I’m in the same boat just a different state.


Nice, can i ask about your harvest off those two? We have banana kush ordered w/p4p for first.

Lights getting her done.

Our agricultural commissioner is hardcore about legalizing. I mean gung ho. We just got our first medical dispensary in the region about 20 miles from my house. Tough to get a card, though.

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Tx has dispensary?

Contact HLG customer service for a personal use military discount code, knocks 20% off their lights.

The two in the frames are around 5 weeks away. The one in the 3x3 is around 3 weeks from harvest. I am terrible at guessing weights - maybe 26 - 28oz total for the 3. It depends on how much the buds fill out between then and now.


Go big, or go home. SHED Space instantly disappears. Plan for future space required.
George Carlin did a monolouge on US(people) and OUR STUFF, in the 70’s

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Couldn’t agree more. Growing in a 9x13 room currently. It’s packed to the gills - not entirely with plants, but all plant-related.

Same situation here. I’ve become addicted to growing, but still don’t do much smoking. Sometimes if I’m feeling brave, I’ll take an edible for sleep. I won’t take my own - I don’t wanna be stoned when I wake up and I know how I dose things. :sweat_smile:

My real reason for growing is July 2020, my mother in law moved from small-town Oregon to NM with us. She went from $49 ounces of mid-grade to $200 ounces of crap off the “street” (a friend of mine grew, but … well, not that well.). It’s regularly $12-$15 a gram at dispensaries. In July 2021, it became legal to grow up to 12 plants per household. So I threw a few seeds in some water and let it rip. She doesn’t have to buy weed with her fixed income (disability - she’s got small fiber neuropathy that causes pain which resists most narcotics) anymore.

My wife didn’t used to smoke - I grew maybe 13-14 strains before there was one she was even interested in trying. Flash forward to May of this year and I’ve got a full-blown stoner on my hands. Between her and the MIL, we probably save a solid $600/mo by not hitting the dispensaries.

I rapidly upgraded from a 4x4 tent to a 4x4, 4x3, and a 2.5x5. Once MIL moved into her own place, I ditched the tents and took over her old room. I kept one tent for the veg stage of things. Everything else is constantly on 12/12.

Current plants in flower:

Current plants in veg, minus maybe a dozen:

Most recent harvest:


Home ownership has advantages.
Screw the shed, I need a bigger house, yard, property.
The dream.
I like to talk to the plants.
Growing, can work, i have done before.
Working on the cure smooth.
Working on the buzz next.
Seeds for sharing, but nobody local, I share with.
Share friends COVID banished.