Do you love it? what about it?

so yeah, we all “love” growing marijuana. but we all know,…it is a ton of work, stress, money and time.

so, im curious…what about growing marijuana do you love?

first thing that comes to my mind is: smoking it lol. but thats not part of “growing”

harvesting might be a lot of people first choice, i suspect because it is so directly related to my first thought: smoking it! but harvesting is probably the most work out of all the processes.

so my answer would be, watching first sprouts popping up. something magical about an inanimate seed coming to life and the fact i aided this process is somehow rewarding.
my next answer would be when buds first start blooming, but i suppose its because of the same reason,…seeing life forming is nothing short of amazing!

what you guys love about it?


For me it’s the simple pleasure of watching my plants grow the work is satisfying and where else do I get to play God :wink:


I have always loved growing plants since I was about 7 years old. My dad was always working and we did not have a lot of money so I was in charge of growing in the garden. The thing I like most about growing MJ or anything is much like you, I am always amazed that you can get a 4-5 foot and even up to seven foot plant out of a little seed. Not just pot, I used to grow corn and tomatoes and had killer plants. Looking back, growing vegetables is WAY easier than growing pot, at least at first. My current grow of SSH (Journal in here is “Super Silver Haze in a grow box”) has become much easier this time up to now. I am following the previous grows experience and am doing well this time!

I am using my pot as MMJ and it makes me feel much better. I am going to most likely start Chemotherapy in a while and I want to have something that will help my appetite and lessen my depression. MMJ TO THE RESCUE! ! That is exactly what I believe God put marijuana on the earth for, helping us. Not to allow the states to make a huge fortune off taxing it, or spend a huge amount of our taxes arresting people for growing a natural herb. Where I live , they will not even legalize it for medical uses. So stupid.

I love growing my own medicine without having to wait in line in the pharmacy or pay huge prices when I buy it. It just seems like the natural thing to do, grow your own medicaine. My pharmacy bill has gone down to $200 a month from over $400 when I was not using MMJ. That is why I love growing! Take care and stay safe. Jerry


It’s relaxing when things are going well.
Seeing a plant grow an inch a day outside is amazing.
Looking at the bugs it attracted, not all of them bad…weird and colorful when you’re high.
Our dogs have to be let out real early in the day.
I’d watch the sun rise, barely shining on the garden. The flowers would stand out from the foliage, the white hairs glowing in that first light.

At my old age, now, it’s more about reading, researching, solving problems, finding that balance for an indoor grow.

Oh yeah…god like powers…what Donaldj said…:sunglasses:


It is very thereputic to grow for my anxiety, even while being anxious over my plants lol. My favorite part is right at the end of stretch when the flowering truly begins. Watching it go from a little calyx with hairs to stacked and swollen buds amazes me.


CREATING it bringing it into Being

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heh all pretty much just different versions of the same answer. interesting.

having quality stuff that i made myself is probably the second best thing though, that is next to playing god.
reminds me of the pride i felt after rebuilding my turbo engine that blew up. sort of an “i did that” feeling


one of the critters I found on a plant…it was there a day before something bigger ate it…


I believe, like you as we get older, we look for more efficient ways of growing. The youthful exuberance of jumping in without not really having an idea of what we were doing is making way to realization that we can make WAY less mistakes if we let others do the mistakes and we benefit from their work.

I believe that is what my older neighbor was trying to tell me when I was young. Of course, I was too young to listen. Like he used to say to me all the time, “We get older too soon and smarter too late.” Seems like words to live by now !


Yep…I remember thinking I’ll live forever…I can grow anything…too be young and stupid, again…instead of old and stupid :smirk:


Good thread !

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I just ran across this and it matches most of our comments !


Well I guess I’m a youngster at 38 I grew up with grow show in our basement by 16 my dad and I were having heated discussions on soil amending light movers and ventilation lol. So just keeping up family tradition now that he’s retired and too busy travelling :slight_smile:


I love everything about gardening. I plant my seeds outside in pots and love taking care of them. It’s fun watching them grow … and keeping it a secret! I also really like not having to buy it … it’s very expensive here. My least favorite part is the drying time. I like doing the trimming, it’s really relaxing. My dad was the first person I ever saw grow weed … he loved to grow just about anything!
Happy Growing,


I love gardening too! :slight_smile: these are some pics of my tomatoes from last year



those tomatoes look yumm.
now i want some Salsa lol.


OMG … wish I had some of those tomatoes right now!!


Have salt shaker will travel .lol


Lmao good one, what I like about growing is its science, botany, and also always a new learning experience. No matter how much you learn there is always a strain that comes along you’ve never tried to grow…bam learning starts again, but growing is my peace and zen, helps me relax after a rough day I can look at all my hard work and share with other in the future to come and this happened to be the place.

Last thing I love about growing is the people you meet along the way you meet some great people, you guys are awesome thanks to every one for the time and effort you have put in to make this website what it is


I am 63 years old and have loved growing things since I was first married. I particularly love growing Roses, Orchids and tomatoes. I am just now in the process of growing my MJ for the first time. I can only smoke in the summer as I am open to drug testing during the school year. I am enjoying my first grow and have been in flower now for about 2 weeks. They are just beginning to show. It is the circle of life that most interests me. I love this site as well!