The challenge of growing

There wasn’t a clear cut category for this as it’s more philosiphising than asking for help. I’m putting it here because I am a beginning grower.

As I sat on the back steps today sweating and exhausted from planting my vegetable garden and a small “weed” garden I was overcome by irony. I’m 62 years old just now with a list of ailments as long as your arm. Thanks to a 23 year stint in the Army as a helicopter pilot and just nature taking its course pain is an all day every day affair. I want and need medicinal MJ (which is 19 kinds of illegal in my state as yet) rather adding something else to the plethora of pharmceutical opiates that Drs. dole out. Just now I’m keeping about a dozen Witchdoctors in BMW’s, 1/2 a million $ houses and Carribean vacations. With a titanium right hip which took 3 implant surgeries before the entire ball joint and 90% of my femur finally fixed that; a metal right knee, 2 plates and 8 screws holding a lumbar spinal fusion, 5 bulging and inoperable spinal discs, 2 compression fractured vertabra, and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) both right to left and back to front I can’t take enough pain pills often enough (even when pills are in conjunction with the implanted morphine infusion pump I have) for other than very temporary relief.

Herein lies the irony that struck me. For most of my young life I sweated as I did today all too often while pulling, chopping, hoeing and cursing weeds that grew in the yard and garden and never could stay ahead of the damn things. How could it be less than hillarious that I can’t get a frigging weed to grow and mature inside a $1,000.00+ artificial, lack for nothing environment?

We have a barn on the fartherest 40 acres of the place here were all manner of weeds grow to phenomenal proportions. So I thinks I’ll just take a handful of fem seeds there and cast them out and forget about them until September. That barn even has answer to one grower’s dilema. It hosts a gang of Skunks and it happens that their mating season coincides with the most odorific stages of the marijuana’s growth. So there’s no worries about that giving me away.

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Very interesting story. I guess you could have put this in the growers lounge, which is meant for stories and whatnot; However; Many may want to chine in here in the beginner area.

I found it very easy to grow, right off the bat. I do not understand why anyone struggles to grow, other than the fact that there are so many attitudes, and methods spewed out by so many well meaning growers; Of which many are new growers themselves attempting to make an impression.

I guarantee you that if you plan your entire grow…Like a mission, and follow through with that plan, you will succeed. I will help you make a plan if that is what you need. We want to see that you can grow and harvest your Meds, 100% Peace brother, :smile:
p.s. If I do nto see a post you made to me; PM me wityha link. Do not ask support questions in PM, but give me a link to your question, and I will personally teach you how to grow; Although, you may need to adapt to my way of thinking, LOL


Latewood, thanks, man. Believe you me I will take you up on your offer… Which I truly appreciate. And you will find I learn fast and am 100% teachable although I’m very bad about asking why especially if I get “We’ve always done it that way,” or “Nothing else makes sense,” when there’s a logical, expedient alternative available. Here, in overview, is what I want to achieve. Between inside and out I want to get a certain quantitiy on for concurrent use and on hand to carry through the next cycle. Cyclically I want an amount maturing from clones to be dry and available during each subsequent maturation cycle, if that makes sense to you. I’m not going to mention any quantities here. I have a number in mind but will wait until an IM or private e-mail to get into that. So the indoor grows would be against my primary needs. And the “summer”/outdoor grow would be sort of cash cow for “friends” that flock into the area here during winter hunting seasons and offset costs of the whole thing. Can you kind of see where I’m trying to go here?

Chopperpilot … thanks for sharing your story. Dayuummm … you’re like the bionic man. I am sorry for all your pain. I grew 3 white widow plants last year to help with chronic pain in my shoulder. I don’t know if it worked or not, but it did help relax the muscles in that area, which reduced the pain.

Since it was my first time growing, I wasn’t sure how much I needed to grow to last until the next growing season. I can only grow outdoors … no room in the house. I misread the yield statistics in the details section about the seed strains. I thought it was per plant not per sq meter. My mistake. I had visions of being able to pay off some credit card debt. ha! This year I am planting 7 outdoors, 2 in the ground and 5 in pots. I’m also going to try some Super Silver Haze and see how that works for pain and anxiety.

Best of everything to you.

Latewood, you left the door open so here the learning begins.

The 2 plants I’ve been intensively caring for for a couple of months have recovered rather beautifully and spectacularly. The top of the central growth died out when the plants went sickly thereby cropping it to 2 nice, new tops off the main stem. Yesterday I soft pinched the main growth on the larger plant to train it out to 2 new tops as well. Both plants have nice pre-bud growth at every node. The larger plant is 11 inches and the smaller one is 8 1/2

inches. Should I leave them in veg state a while longer or is it time to start push toward flowering? Again I want to maximize into the greatest number of big, gnarly colas I can and still finish off as quickly as possible. Right now these plants are outdoors in 3 gal. soft pots.

I’m germinating an Orka fem and a Tiajuana fem in rock wool on the window sill and plan on cloning 2 cuttings from each of the plants we’re discussing plus a Cindy99 and a Jamacian Pearl and goingback in my now vacant grow tent and hydro with those. So what would be the most feasible way to get pictured plant into and through flowering, etc. from here?

Peace, brother.

Well; You did not clarify whether these 2 were for inside or outside. I am guessing these are your inside plants. It depends on the height restrictions in your grow room. You could Veg for another week or 2; Or you could flower those plants now. It is all about your time frame, and height restrictions indoors. If you are starting other plants for cloning; I think you may want to flower these to make way for your perpetual grow plan.

You know I actually scratched my head pretty hard before actually deciding which way to go with these plants. They broke loose and are growing like hell, man. Today was a feeding day and smaller plant is bumping mid-thigh height while the larger one is topped out at waist heigth. Both began bushing out big time and the smaller one popped out about another dozen new root nodes just above soil level. I sent you a ? about that on the “Think I’m cursed” thread and messaged you as well but guess they never got to you. I had wondered if the pop out was an indicator that the plant might be getting root bound in a 3 gal. soft pot. Not hearing anything back I just threw a layer of Super Soil in to cover the new nodrs and left her rip.

As nearly as I can sex them both are fems. The larger has long, narrow pre-flowers with pale green, very slender hair-like shoots out of the top. The smallerdoesn’t have any pre-flowers I can read yet but is “skunky” as hell. And therein is another question. Do both male and fem skunk out like that?

Anyway I’m going to continue these plants outside. I’ve lollipopped the lower scruff that wasn’t getting light and started training the canopy out as much as possible. I mean to go on with that for another week to 10 days and then start moving them inside and outside on a 12/12 cycle.

Otherwise thee Orka and Tiajuana have sprouted and I stated 6 clones from what I removed from the outside plans (those are 2 days now in the in the germination tray with the new sprouts and doing well). As well I’ll have delivery tomorrow or Friday of some Cindy99, Marley’s Collie and White Russian seeds. Sprouting 2 more plants out those then will give me 2 four holer hydros in the grow tent and a pretty good base for the short term to set up an 8 week clone to harvest program.

Anyone got thoughts or comments?

Happy toking!