I think I am becoming obsessed

All I think about is pot!! I can’t stop.haha I love everything about it. I will be starting my first grow soon. Waiting on lights and seeds. Both are on order!! I am so excited to get going! I have big plans.


We all get excited at the start of any grow so you are far from out of the ordinary trust me while you’re waiting for seeds and lights is when you can get most of your homework done and site prep pick up those odds and ends you may of neglected clean your future grow area etc. Read study and read some more this is one of those hobbies where you can never learn it all and new ideas and techniques are always coming out


definitely doing my reading. Every time I go to check out my setup I think of one more thing to ad.

It doesn’t stop. I can happily sit and watch mine for ages. Even though it’s not doing anything lol

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In deference to the name of this site, I love smoking marijuana …growing it is a means to an end for me :no_mouth:

…not trying to be a wet blanket because I used to feel exactly like you do when I first started, it took a while but it went away :yin_yang:

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Ya I can too. And have. Sat down one night @ like 9 pm and next thing I know the lights are turning off. At that time they turned off @ 1:30 am so ya it happens to everyone.

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You have really just begone going through what most of us go through. This will teach you to be patient.


lol you have months of watching your ladies grow and worrying over every leaf droop color, temp change humidity drop to look forward to


Cant wait BAHAHAHA!! Love to garden and love to smoke so it goes together perfect.

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I think I"ve spent as much as 15-20 hrs per week researching grow techniques, it has quite the Calming effect when you start putting it all together for the next grow.

lol closer to 30hrs a week researching probly around 6 tending the ladies

The key is patients you have to be patient otherwise you’ll run into troubles at least I did

I just think of last winters grow and it keeps me warm and fuzzy lol


Wow what is Donald? They look beautiful… Autos, fems? They look beautiful

I too am obsessed, what turned out as a thought while smoking, is little by little becoming a reality…

I saved a couple of seeds from two distinct bag seeds and from a single Google search of how to how to grow mj, eventually led me to the wonderful site… I’ve learned a lot thanks to ilgm… And just like in life I’ll continue to keep on learning…I regularly spend time in the workshop… This is my new hobby… I check on my plants several times a day… And its do cool when u see yur plants has grown when you compare…

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Dang those are some beautiful buds!

Wow whats that purple strain and the others? @Donaldj

Purple Kush and at the time I was growing perpetual so each row was 1 week apart

@Donaldj I have some purple kush growing right now. How did you get that wonderful colour on them???

temp control 66f nights and 76-80f days if you grow them too warm they don’t present colour the same :wink: easiest way to bring out colours is always have 10f swing min between day and night if you can drop them down to 65 even for a 3rd week of flower you’ll get what the genes will allow even after drying she’s purple as can be lol made them fun to trim I cut off anything green still have 1/2lb left I preferred Jack herer didn’t couch lock me as much sadly almost out of that ;(