Getting excited now

Still got a lot of weeks to flower :hibiscus: but I’m impressed with her so far. WW Auto

My first grow!


Nice looking!

Thanks mate. Can’t wait till she’s cured and ready to smoke!

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I know the feeling @kalico I’m in my third week of flower now with my Strawberry Kush. :cactus:

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Looking good she’s going to be tasty lol

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Wow! really nice looking, Keep u the good work.

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Good looking buds there I loved the way my WW grew

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Thanks everyone. I’ve learned so much over the last 3 months.

Looking forward to my second grow. Not sure what seeds I’m going to get but something different. And pretty sure it will be a more relaxing grow from the start with all the information I have now!

Girl Scout cookie auto sounds awesome :clap: might get those!

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Looks beautiful

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So you are at 50% dilution ! ? @kalico

And how old is she ? :innocent::grinning: Can you provide a picture ? :innocent::grinning: I’m curious :wink:

Hi @Niala both WW are from seed to now 65 days.


Not sure how much longer they have to go. I thought mid Jan but looks like it will be longer then that more like end January the trichomes are still clear

I’m using half the amount of nutrients that the maker suggests, so instead of the 15ml part A and part B I’m using 7.5ml but might now use 10ml and move that ppm closer to 900 for at least one feeding.

Feed, water, feed is my schedule

They’re looking good :heart_eyes:, however they show sign of nutrients deficiencies , they will love the change in nutrients dilution you’ll give them :heart_eyes::wink: They gone a respond by an explosion of growth :seedling: :wink: and you should switch to a feed feed water schedule, in my humble and honnest opinion :grinning::innocent:

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Are they auto flowering or regular feminized , cause if they are regular it have a longer growth period and you still have at least 1 month and a half of flowering , however I admit that I have to do further research for WW flowering period, to my knowledge, the average of flowering duration of cannabis is around 60 days, so after the vegetative stage… I’ll be back :wink::innocent::sunglasses:

Yes they are autos, I’m on a 18/6 light schedule. I’m not in a rush so will let them finish. Can’t take early harvested weed, need a relaxing smoke

Hi, so after a quick research the auto and regular have a flowering period of an average of 60 days (average of 56 days for auto and 60 days for regular)

Hope that your gone a be succesful with your WW ladies :+1::ok_hand::v::wink::innocent:

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Thank you for the support! I love this forum so many awesome people with a wealth of knowledge.

First grow so I’m happy already. Every stage is an adventure and things change in a day. Pretty awesome plants :seedling:

This is the first time that I have seen changes in a plant that I have never witnessed before it’s truly amazing how every thing works and how much you learn. My next grow will be a lot more relaxing and rewarding due tot the information that I have now.

I’m in the same seat :wink::sunglasses: I need to get as more potency as I can in THC, CBD and terpenes… I have nasty cluster headaches… I wait to the last minutes for harvesting :innocent:

It’s true, ILGM forum is a good place for learning and they’re so many great People…:wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v: