How long till you grew some DANK?

So I’ve been growing for a little over a year now and was wondering how many harvest you had until grew something you were happy with? I started growing autos from ILGM and they got me high but my buddy dropped me some photos and they came out amazing so for me it was a year or so until I was happy with my final product


1st not rocket science.


My first grow delivered 8 oz per plant times two and it was delicious! The only plant I’ve gotten a purple pheno. That said; it took several grows until I felt like I’d done a stellar job and still looking to better my grows.


First wasn’t phenomenal, but second was amazing. Only a couple weeks apart, same strain, GSCE.


My second or third grow was when I finally got my happy on.

Toxicities on my first from thinking I had to nute the heck out of it, then learned to pull back.

Now I don’t really have to measure out stuff anymore, it comes with time.


3 year and still going , proud of some of my grows ,but then other even after the good ones having issues with some strains , but I been changing from lights to soil and strains so it’s a learning process that can take a while , if you focus on 1 strain you maybe :thinking: on your 2 nd grow have a great outcome , I personally haven’t got a comercial looking bud -me with some strains

, me with some other strains now


Took a couple years as not many people really knew how to grow marijuana at the time (before the internet) so there was a lot of trial and error and miracle grow LOL. Even when I got the process down, was not happy with the bud quality as the seeds came from mexican brick weed and the stuff I grew was really no better than the brick the seeds came from.

Wasn’t til I took a chance and sent $60 to a seed company in Amsterdam, then 2 months later the Northern Lights seeds came - which totally changed the game, finally was growing buds that looked like they belonged in the pages of High Times, been easy since then (over 30 years ago).

Those of you starting these days have it so easy, all the growing information is out there, easy to get great genetics and feminized seeds so you don’t have to grow and weed out males, easy to use nutes with feeding schedules and tools like ph and tds meters, great people on forums that share their knowledge and experience and help diagnose issues you run into, etc… so easy these days.


Took me 4 grows. 1 for each stage of grouth as I had to learn from zero as the only thing I’ve ever grown before was a potato wedge in the 4 grade. I had a lot to learn. But I learned a lot, the last 2 grows have been right where I wanted to be! I’m now growing better than what I can buy from my OLD source. He likes mine better as well even though he dosent know where I get it. Just for the record if it wasn’t for this site I would have never got there I’d still be using curly-Q bulbs LOL and wondering what was wrong! So this buds for you’all.


First grow was autos and I was not prepared and tried to grow in a closet with no fresh air coming in…then I joined ILGM. I pretty much scrapped that grow (low yield and wasn’t that good) and jumped into the second grow (photos) and that one was pretty amazing…for me as a noob. And I’m still a noob since I’m still on my 3rd grow. lol

So I would say my second grow was when I pulled a good amount (~15oz of good bud) after reading here and listening to what people were saying. Still much to work on though…always something to learn.


Took about a year with a ton of help from people on here, and a bunch came from @Hellraiser and reading his threads.
ILGM Zkittlez auto. 3 plants gave me 8.5oz dried


Let’s see I’ll be 95 30 years from when I started - not a chance. Problem is I’m a slow learner


LOL, you have awesome grows, looks like you’ve learned plenty!


Appreciate the compliment. Many thanks to members like you and all of the moderators that we call upon.


Thanks buddy

1st grow too my 2nd grow was kinda bad but winter grows tend to be pretty bleh from lack of humidity

Work in progress

You summed it up brilliantly for those of us who began growing pre Internet.
Not smart or brave enough to order seeds from overseas back then.
Mexican seeds were everywhere.
I had to hope for a seed in the much better Sensimillia available only once in a while.
I finally got a seed that had buds with slightly purple hairs.
After a few generations of clones the purple was slightly enhanced.
My stuff was far better than that brick weed that dominated the 70’s
But nothing like what ILGM provides today


Always improving. After retiring from corporate and got disabled started growing for meds. First year all auto all kinds. Several oops moments. Found a gg4 photo bean in auto pkg. It went insane and been cloning that girl in perpetual harvest 2 years now. Auto fillins for variety but still need better lights. Pepper and tomatoe growing all my life helps. STILL learning everyday. This girl might be what i have been searching for with the gg4.



:arrow_up: you know you’re one of those people all us amateurs rely on. :laughing:

This is so relatable. I struggle to keep pre-vegged vegetables alive.

Same here.

Most definitely.

Man. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy. I can always be happy for “what it is.” A 12” auto that netted .65 oz on my first try. Or the giant monster of a plant I vegged way too long but flipped into flower before it (and I) were really ready for that. Other people say it’s good and I’ll shrug and say sure. The buds are smelly and dense - I dig that. But the yield coulda been better and I hope as I apply what I learn through all the reading and advice, I’ll nail that perfect grow where the plant is big, the yield is massive, and the potency is high. I’m on my 2nd grow now - about 4 months into growing.


I have sooooo much fun growing. Worked granpa’s farm as a kid with the cousins. Never had this much pleasure growing peppers and beans and tomatoes…etc. Just the act of growing…finding their likes/dislikes and making mistakes.I have dropped my stress level on growing a lot. Problem…fix it. Dies…learn why…grow another. Patience being old and retired helps.