How long till you grew some DANK?

Whaaat?? No offence

Most struggle mightily just to keep from killing their plants when starting out.
Very few are able to produce top-quality buds their 1st time, IMHO. :sunglasses:

I must agree after reading more than 26 thousand posts on just this site not to mention the many other sites I have been on and the many hundreds of hours watching u tube videos. The first time out can seem daunting if they have never grown anything before.

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Many don’t know what they are doing wrong and repeat the same mistakes over and over unless someone corrects them, and teaches them not to repeat their errors.
A mentor guiding you through your 1st grow is invaluable, IMHO


I can not agree more. Growing weed is not for every one. If you can not grow a house plant this is going to impossible. My wife can kill a cactus.

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Ooh I disagree on this one. I cannot keep most plants alive to save my life. Rose bushes and now weed. That’s it. I’m a two trick pony. :rofl:

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Rose bushes are not the easiest plant to grow. How’s your house plants?
Just want to help not start a feud. I just did not find this to difficult.
Please forgive me for having more then a green thumb, I have a green body.

Little late to the conversation but I’ve been growing for about 3 years now. I have not spent money on cannabis for 3 years. The first harvest I ever had I thought I grew some f’ing fire… Looking back on it I probably wouldn’t smoke what I grew back then now :joy: The thing is you get better each grow and 10 years from now I’ll probably scoff at what I grow now. The tech keeps getting better and so does the info the deeper you dig into this hobby!



My house plants generally fade away into nothingness. :laughing:

No worries or ill will received here. I can only grow cannabis with the help of the green thumbs like yourself. It can certainly be easy enough once you get the motions down but man is figuring out all the moving parts to finding the needs of cannabis as a plant somewhat taxing.

Ain’t that the truth! No such thing as “best grower ever” just best for the moment. My old corporate job used to say “we did our best for today, tomorrow we’ll do better.” And boy was that cheesy as all getout but also the longer I live the more I realize it’s true to life. … and growing great weed.


No arguments here. I use to be corporate manager also manufacturing, some days well it’s over we will get the bear tomorrow.

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