I wanted to tell you about a dream I had a long time ago

Long ago, I got intro’d to pot. It was a wonderful thing. It was in the early 70’s, and nothing I ever did before or since matched it - it just felt “RIGHT”

That’s an old and long story - sitting on a wall with someone who showed me it.

But when I was young, I always wanted to SEE what these plants looked like. I have always been fascinated by growing plants, my first jalapeno pepper was grown in a apartment in Maryland when I was young…

But the plants never did well except outdoors. When it came to POT - well, I tried to hide my plants (back then we had some fine Columbian coming to Maryland) but my Mom found out about them, and that was the end of that…

I had used some portable metal shelving to make a hollow place where the plants were in the middle next to a window - but she was smart!

~ I remember she asked me if I thought she was stupid - and I told her: “No, but I hoped I could hide it”

What I am telling you now, is that I have no such restrictions, and if things fall apart it would have to be because I was stupid enough to tell anyone else what I was doing.

But I still remember those tiny plants (and God knows full and useful plants would be huge by comparison).

I also once tried again in the first apartment I had with a guy from Arkansas, at the time we were both out in Southern California. But that PRICK stripped the plant when it was barely starting…

So it has been a long time waiting to see what the magic herb really looks like when it grows…

A life time dream, a daydream maybe. But I have since then grown many plants that had nothing to do with Marijuana, and always my thoughts returned to “What does pot look like? Is it beautiful, as I remember? What does it smell like?” And now finally I have a fair chance to see it and experience it…

I just hope nothing happens to !@#$ IT UP!

Now I have that chance, with nothing holding me back - wish me luck!



First off welcome to the forum
Second since you chose to join the best forum online you definitely have a successful harvest
There are many fine people hear who enjoy helping each other out to get the same results big beautiful buds
Thanks for sharing your story
If you need any help along the way just tag me by putting the @ symbol in front of my user name and I’ll be notified
I’ll tag a few other I’ve here so you can met a few of the fun folks
@BIGE @bob31 @Willd @Nug-bug @North_East_Newbie @Zombo are just a few of the guys I know that help when they are available and I’m sure you’ll meet pleanty more of the fine people
Happy growing my friend :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Welcome to the forum :+1:
Plenty of good help and fine folks,you will be able to see the magnificent plant in all its glory soon enough.
The guides are a great source of info, and all the journals here also.
Keep em green @FrikkinFrank
Is this what I was supposed to edit.? Hope so😎

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Welcome. You’ll be drooling over your plants of your dreams in no time with all the help of the wonderful folks here!

Have a great Smokn day!

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Welcome and Good Luck!! This place is like Disneyland, where dreams can come true!!!


Hi Dutch, welcome to your dream.

Welcome to the neighborhood. As you see lots of good folks here wanting all to have the best grow possible. Its a great ride, like a rollercoaster and very fulfilling.


Happy growing, Godspeed !!!

Yea welcome and man your in for a life changing experience growing weed its a feel of satisfaction that only a growers know!!!

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I had to change my username because it dawned on me it might get connected from another forum - please delete any references to my original name here, last thing I want is to get tracked back to a known ID

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@Nug-bug will do as asked I’m sure when he sees your post good call bro on your part @FrikkinFrank lol

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Thanx muchas! It was an old forum, and may be gone for all I know, but leaving tracks is seriously dumb in this day and age.

And yeah - “Frick & Frack”… ROFL

~ It’s perfect

Oh sure! Just keep changing names and confusing this stoned old lady who can’t remember her own name lately :rofl::older_woman::thinking:

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Hey lookit Babe, it’s just that I was, ummm… :roll_eyes:

What was I just talkin’ about, man??? :slightly_frowning_face:


( 21 days into the winter grow indoors, doing good so far!)

~Shaka… :call_me_hand:

Feel free to grab this image as a desktop background

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Same plant at 6 and a half weeks (under the martian lights)

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