Where should I be measuring temp for controller

Where in my 2x4 tent should I be putting thermastat lead to measure temp?

I am currently doing it at the canopy top.

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As long as you are not in direct light you should be ok.

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I guess I can drop the lead some more and put it in the plant.

Top of the canopy is the correct spot.


I have mine near the top as heat rises.

This is a good question, top of canopy but on a side wall of tent TK avoid light exposure I would assume. The issue is how to rig that up so that you can clearly see it and reset it often.
I currently have ad mine sitting on my pots and the light is definitely effecting it, said it got to 36c but my plants are fine…

Not sure the light itself will effect the temperature reading itself because the sensor measures ambient temp not surface. Also, if it does matter then you would probably want to measure the very top of the canopy right? Because its the temp at the plant that counts! I have mine between the light and the canopy but closest to the canopy, which at this time is about 24 inches away. I have 2 sensors which are always a bit different from each other, one for the inkbird and 1 for the fan controller. If one of fhem seems too high or low I can suspect theres an issue.