Humidity Probe Position

Above canopy?
In canopy?
Below canopy?

I’ve alway put it above a bit, but I’m rethink this. Thoughts?

My preference is in canopy around the top


I agree, inside of the canopy. There is a hydrometer hanging from the chain in the picture. I have also set another hydrometer in the floor of the tent, and compare the two readings. If the one in the plant becomes greater than the one in the floor by 2 - 4 points. The plant needs to be trimmed, or more air flow is needed through the tent.


I have mine hanging at the canopy level


Mine is at canopy level too


The testing that I have done showed that between the canopy and light is a bad place for humidity or temperature sensors. If your temperature sensor is a small beaded type it will work OK in this location. But if it is encased in plastic like the one in the picture, the light will have an oven effect on the reading.
In general, in my tent the humidity is greater in the bottom of it, by about 4 percent. The temperature is greater in top by as much as 5 - 6 degrees. I found that it is best to get both reading from below the top of the canopy.
When the plants are small l just leave the hydrometer hanging where it is, until the plants start to shade it.


Thank you all.


Ive never really looked at it like that and i dont know why but having multiple meters at different heights to compare readings is an awsome idea