Thermostat Controller

I currently have the Inkbird ITC-308. This device is perfect for maintaining a certain temperature, but I need a device that I can set a schedule for. I am trying to have it when the grow lights are on the temp stays around 80F and when they are off around 70F. If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated.


i believe you can still use that. whatever you are using for heat have that plugged in and set it for 70 and it should turn it on when it dipps below 70.


Hey @Amateur-Grower What is your tent configuration. What is your nighttime/daytime temperature windows?
Why do you want 80 as high and 70 as low?
Are you monitoring humidity? What range?

I would say at nighttime the temp stays around 75 and when the lights come on its around 80-85. Iā€™m still very new to growing and was looking online for best temps and saw if I wanted some color in the buds that cold nights and hot days can help produce that. I am monitoring the humidity, I have a de-humidifier in the tent that I set to 45 humidity

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The ink bird controllers are pretty good that should be able to do what u what it to do with ur temp there got other controllers that do lights and rh