When to stop LST on Autos

First time grower here, have White Widow Autos that are 32 days old.

I have done two rounds of LST and I think I’m seeing the first signs of pre-flower (one or two white strands that look like pistils). Do I stop the LST now, or can I do another round or two to make them even more bushy?


This is an indication that the plant is sexually mature and will start flowering shortly.


Might give her 1 more round, but keep in mind that shes starting to transition…


Thats the beauty of lst, you can do it well into flower if need be. It only stops being lst if you snap a branch. When training autos in early flower its best to flex the stalk alot first, roll it till it becomes more pliable then bend and secure.
A tip for future grows. Lst isnt ment to make the plant bushier, per say. Its purpose is to even the canopy. You twist the plant and branches to a level point breaking apaxial domminance and forcing the plant to give growth hormone to tops other then the main.

Topping or fimming, does the same but instead you remove the main top, breaking apaxial domminance and causing all branches to recieve growth hormone. Bushing out your plant.

Lst, redirects to highest top. Topping/fim redirects to all. Make sense?


Welcome to the community , plants look great with good light peliteration. Stretch mode is coming soon.
Good luck


Congrats on your first grow, great job!

I continue LST until the plant is too stiff, i.e. when even rolling the branches with my fingers won’t do any good.


Thanks for all of the advice, folks! I think I’ll keep on w the LST for a little bit longer.