First Grow WWauto

Newbie here, just wondering can I begin LST and trimming or should I wait little bit longer.


Welcome @jaysmitty300 to the forum. She’s the perfect size for LST, and you could have done so sooner. About the 3rd knode of leaves. And you can trim at about the same as well.


Ok thanks @Covertgrower.

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Your plants are looking awesome! Did you top them?

@Saints thanks. Yes I did topped them with some LST. I will post another picture next week. I have a lot to learn since it’s my first grow.

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Welcome to the forum @jaysmitty300. Your plants look very healthy. For autos you want to do your topping and LST as early as you can. Reason being you don’t want to stress out your plant when it goes into flower. And for autos you never know when thats going to be.

Do not do any topping or LST after they go into flower also

Happy growing :sunglasses:


Thanks @MAXHeadRoom. I will definitely keep that in mind. Especially for my next grow.