Need all of your advice!

1st time grow , been through a lot !! Lol should I LST her or is it too late ?? I tried some low stress training a few days ago and snapped a few branches so I’m a little nervous with trying to do it again. I think she is a few days away from flower but I could be wrong. She is very bushy compared to the other autos I have seen. What would you guys recommend try to LST again? or just leave her alone


Looking at her, she appears to be preflower. So you definitely shouldn’t stress her to much. You could gently bend stems out daily to open up the middle some and tuck the larger fan leaves under upper growth. Once she gets into full flower and starts stretching you can selectively remove a couple of the larger fan leaves that’s blocking light from lower growth.


Grow her straight and true now. I would open bottom a bit and clean out base. Get her some air. Anything at main branch growing should come off. Little wasted leaves and small branches that will never produce. She is an auto so either do everything early on or grow it straight. Does not forgive time. A photo totally different. Just my opinion.

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I would lst the branches to try to open it up abit but you will have be careful doin so or u can get these they are a lst training clip

These are great for doing branches


Ha! Where ya getting them things at @Aussie_autos

@Aussie_autos where do u get those LST clips?

I’ll tag @CoyoteCody he 3D prints them. :+1:


I print those and adjustable ones as well.


@Bulldognuts @CoyoteCody nice, u make em urself? I wish I had access to a 3d printer. Are u able to order some online tho? I would luv to use these rather than the twine I use


I’ll let @CoyoteCody answer :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Yes I do, printers are relatively cheap these days, the ones I use cost around $150, I’m under the same name on ebay and insta. I need to add the non adjustable ones to ebay though.


I got them on ebay or u can get th on Amazon