When is light, too much light?

Currently running an Amazon Blurple. (Yes, I was hookwinked like so many others.) Along with 2 CFLs

I’m in day 22 of Veg. My 2 plants are still relatively small.

I have an HLG 260 Rspec on order.

Will this plus the blurple be too much light?

How do plants react with too much light?

Yes, there can be too much light and the plants will try to turn away their leaves from the light if it’s too much. The HLG 260 on highest setting and too low will be too much light for 2 small plants by itself. Save the blurple for flowering and then blast the plants with both of your lights or use it for side lighting or something.


When I hang the HLG, I’ll be sure to update with a picture. Thanks for the info

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You’ll really like the light. So will your girls.

Like Hellraiser says, younger plants can be susceptible to too much light, but the older they get, the more they can take. Especially true in flowering when it is hard to pour on too much light. During flowering it helps to get as much light as you can on them without increasing the temps at the canopy.


if you are using a 1000 watt led and have a light meter what do you think is the right wattage the plants should receive how much is to much thanks RAY

What make / model is the light. It will have a silver tag / sticker on it showing actual watt usage what does that show? It is doubtful that it’s a true 1000 watt light. Let us know what it is

GLIXER 1000 watt model led 100 pcs dual chip imput voltage 85v 265v 50/60hz

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That light is only 110 watts so it would be hard to hurt your plants with it. It is not a very good light and not enough to flower more than 2 square feet.

I would suggest that @NeoGroR install the HLG light 18" over plants set with the pot all the way down and leave it there until flower. If you see stretching you can bump up the light. The blurple should be deployed to hold something down lol.

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that is only one light ,I have several more. all led 1500–2000- dual switches. I was just using the least powerful light to get the plants started still trying to get my ph down so they will start growing do you think I should up the light thanks RAY

I am not sure what you mean by the blurple light

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Crappy grow lights on Amazon. Well a good 90%. They tend to have a purplish color when the grow light is on. Plenty of pictures found on this site…probably can find that most growers was suckered into buying a grow light that is extremely misleading.


It’s a slang term to denote all of the lights available on Amazon that come from overseas. Alibaba and China. They use deceptive marketing (they lie) and use outdated LED’s. There really is no comparison between them and a Quantum Board. The only similarity is they are LED’s lol.

Probably when the Sun goes Supernova. Other than that. Think all is G2G…

thanks looks like I bought, just like you are saying .so do you think the hlg 260 qb rspec is the way to go ?

@ray3 the information you’ll gather from this forum is priceless.

Start a grow journal. You’ll be guided step by step.

And don’t feel bad about your LED. I have one too. So do many others.

My recent purchase of an HLG quantum board will be delivered by Saturday!

Buy an HLG. Save yourself the research. I just spent about 40 total hours researching. It’s The best value for then money, hands down.

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I have 3 Mars Hydro 300’s under the bed, saw them when looking for my running shoes this morning.

Can’t go wrong there.


I got a use for those mars if you want them out the way.

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I read that apple cider will lower the ph in my plants. I have a ph down ,but it says I tablespoon per gal, I did that and it lowered it only by .025 .is it safe to use cider on my plants. and about the hlg 260 qb light I do not see a fan on it does the ballast make a lot of noise like my old haligon one did thanks RAY

Never heard or tried this. So cant help.

I grow with a burple and it doesn’t slow me down, just make sure you focus 80%-90% on flowering the plant. “Cob’s and QB’s”
4x288QB’s@18" in a 4x4 is a sweet-spot anymore and it could be Banana-City.