When is light, too much light?

You can use cider vinegar to adjust PH but commercial PH UP and DOWN are also micronutrients.

The HLG lights use no active cooling: they are silent.


I’d be scared to go by " tablespoon per gal" for PH up or down.

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thanks for the info. RAY

if you were going to purchase a hlg light where would you look

@dbrn32 would be better able to answer that one.

hi rick I was looking into those HLM, and watched a video of a 550 HLG, and it looked great. BUT, after it was on for a couple of hrs. the guy doing the video came back with a temp. gun and it was HOT 135 on top and 127 on the transformer now if you want to keep your grow room in the mid 70s I think this is going to be a problem for me let me know how this works out for you GOOD LUCK. RAY

Led growlights depot, growerslights, or direct from hlg

Direct from Horticulture Lighting Group. Ordered mine on Wednesday Evening, and it was delivered Friday.

question, when it is time to harvest , when do you stop with the fert. when do you flush, how much, how often. never new about flushing till now. another one when I go to the medical pot shop and buy from them the buds are really compressed and the smell is good. how can I get my buds to be that way, I get buds and they are good but I have not figured how to get the smell I crave. growing indoors with led lights in co co and perlite thanks RAY

I stop with the ferts when the the plant looks about ready to harvest, then I might flush if it looks like it has a lot of stored nutes still (dark green and/or clawed leaves) or not if it doesn’t really need it, and then just go water only until they get cut, usually 2 weeks after stopping the ferts. If I decide to flush, I use 3x the normal watering amount and do it as needed, usually just once but a over-ferted plant might need a couple/few flushes.

Compressed buds can be from several factors, first you have to grow dense buds (strong light and growing strains that make dense buds helps) and a crew-cut when trimming, take off all leaf sticking out from the buds. Also buds that been in plastic bags will appear more compressed than a bud that’s never been in a plastic bag.

The smell is from several factors as well, grow a strain with a good strong smell, keep it healthy to the end for max terpenes at harvest, dry it slowly, cure slowly, and keep your buds above 60RH, I shoot for 60-62 RH. A quick dry, no real cure, and storing buds too dry will rob you of that great funky smell.

On your older question about the HLG 550, I run one in a 3x3x6 tent and have no problems keeping the tent in the mid 70’s, using an AC Infinity S6 exhaust fan on a relatively low speed.


thank you for the info and your time RAY

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just got a s6, inch fan. what name brand ,size. s6 filter - length, would you recommend. just got a tent ,was using closet. did not have enough control of the co2 and temp thanks RAY

Don’t worry about controlling the CO2 right away. You’ll get buds without it.

Focus on Humidity and temp


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If I was buying one now, I would go AC Infinty for the carbon filter too, just cuz I really like AC Infinity but I’m using a G-Hydro 6" and it’s fine as well. I didn’t even know AC Infinity made carbon filters til very recently.


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thanks again RAY

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DO YOU USE CO2. IF SO, WHEN. VEG OR FLOWER. NOW I HAVE A FEW SMALL PLANTS IN A dome with a paper mat that you wet to activate co2. i have co2 equipment, (tank,reg,monitor)that i used last year. thanks, RAY, WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO START?

I’m not the person to ask. I just know that if you have decent ventilation, you won’t need CO2

Do you have a grow journal going?

i keep a record of planting times, week numbers, but i really do not keep that close of a record. plants still small. so only giving them water and nukes every few days. is there a journal that is available ? like (a day at a glance ) thanks RAY

I meant a grow journal on this forum.