Lighting good or not enough

Not sure if I have enough light.Ive got a 300w led light in a3x3 tent.I tested light coverage and it seemed a little narrow.Should I get another.There is to many plants in it I couldn’t kill a couple of my girls

You’re going to have a pretty crowded tent in the coming weeks.

Yes, you will definitely need more lighting.


Yup more light is required wcause that light is probably less than 100 true watts off the wall.

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Thank u all will order another

Also it’s going to get real packed in that tent. Your plants will struggle to produce good yields. If you can swing it, you are better off with a light from HLG. They pay for themselves in 1 crop aka 1 plant.

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Should I use another type I have limited funds

+1 for the HLG recommendation. I love mine and so do my plants.

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I’ll check’em out.Thanks

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HLG will be the biggest bang for the buck.

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Actually Budget LED has better prices and tech I just got a 250 watt 3 series 730 deep red NM, draws 260 watts. For 300 bucks.