Need help choosing a good grow light

Hey family I need some help picking out a new grow light. A friend of mine just bought one that cost him 1000 dollars. It’s this one.

I found a smaller one a 350 instead of the 700 because it only fits in a gorilla tent. It was mad specifically for gorilla. But they have a 350. And I found one for 800. Can anyone show me a better light and for less money.

Can’t post a link to it but look up Horticulture Lighting Group: 350 R-Spec


Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 600 V2 RSpec Full-Spectrum 600W Quantum Board LED Grow Light (Full Cycle / Flower)

This is a top of the line light for $699. No better light made out there.


What size tent? 4x4?

Are you aware Far Red (FR) is generally not recommended for veg or the initial flowering period.


Sometimes Horticulture Lighting Group has discounted refurbs in stock that aren’t listed in their website, so you can call them about that. I bought a refurb (different model than what’s posted) from them a couple months ago, I’ve been very happy with it.

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Ah i didn’t even think to ask them!

Thanks I will call them

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Would this be enough for a 4 by 4 by 80 grow tent.

I know I have a smaller light that I am useing now that will be when they get bigger.

That light pictured would be more than enough. If it were mine I’d run it no higher than 80% of peak output which makes for a higher efficiency light.

So I just picked up a brand new hlg 300L R spec for 100$ cash. He has 11 Lux light 80$ a piece. Seems pot industry is closing down and prices of bud dropping . Going to be a lot of sales

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If it’s a 4x4, I’d be looking at a refurbished hlg 650r. $649, and if DUDE code still works, an additional discount.

Hlg blackbird 600 wat mine is pushing 647 wat on the watt meter. Scorpion series. Flower a 4x4 with it.


Thanks so much im just getting started and I just want to do it right.

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So I went with the new scorpion from HLG.

I’m thinking I may have made a mistake I should have went with this one.

Just because it comes with the UV with the scorpion I’ll have to buy the UV separate I feel like asking them to throw it in see what they say.

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