Looking for led lights for my tent

What are the best leds for a 4x4 grow tent. I want them to be able to flower a 5x5 area but fit in my 4x4 tent.
I’m thinking about 2 f ce3000 or 1 fce 6500 from Mars hydro.

I have a 800.00 budget for the lighting. Doesn’t mean I have to spend that much.

Can I get more bang for my buck with another brand?
What are the best and latest tech.

HLG for the win!!! Im not sure on which light though. I believe the 600 R-Spec or something similar is what youre looking for…

Only thing is, itll pretty much eat up that $800. But ull have a SICK LIGHT!!

@dbrn32 headsup lol


I just bought the hlg 600 rspec to go in my 4x4.
With coupon code dude the light was $639.
This light is supposed to flower a 5x5 space and is one of the best led lights on the market.


You might think about 2 HLG 260XLs. They are handy for a 4x4 because it’s 2 lights and you can move them around based on your setup. This will fall within your budget.

You’re on the right track.


Both great suggestions!

Thanks for the price quote @Brobdab keep that coupon handy. He may need it!

The 600 is one fixture (i believe) and really the cats ass…

The 2 - 260’s are almost equal in power. But come with the added ability to adjust for diff heighted plants.

Lets say you have a squat indica or two and a towering sativa. Both flowering. One’s 4 ft tall the other is 2ft. Where do u hang the light? Cant burn the Sativa but dont wanna underpower the indica. Two fixtures means u can give both what the require


I’m not fan of Mars products. Would also likely recommend something from horticulture lighting group. If hlg-600 is still on sale for $700 is probably the way I would go, or go with the multiple 260xl kits. Other stuff I can think of is in excess of $800.


I like the way you think. But what I had is if one light went bad I wouldn’t be F’d in the A.

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That’s the kind of info I’m looking for. Thanks


Go ahead and me which one is the cats pajama’s. Isn’t like I never blew out a budget. Just ask my boss.


HLG product AND their customer service are top notch. I own a bunch of them and have only had a minor problem with one. HLG Fedex’ed a replacement to me within 2 days. All it took was a phone call.


Sounds like someone I would want to buy off of

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They make solid high end lights. There are some that are a bit better, but the marginal gain for the price isn’t worth the extra cost, imho.


Spider Farmer SF4000


The spider farmer sf4000 doesn’t meet their wants, but the se5000 would get them closer. But only a bill less than the hlg600. And with 120 less watts. I’d definitely get the 600r instead of the se5000 or sf4000.

I stand corrected. The “New” sf4000 is better than the se5000 and like $60 cheaper. At 22" the 4000 only gives you 1200 ppfd in the center. The hlg 600r gives you 1500 at 6 inches higher. The superior light by far.


Thanks for all the info. The htg spec r is in first place. But I believe I will be buying a 1000 watt HID to get started. I have a cool white led 200watt dimmable high bay light. It should be able to get me through the first month.

I can always sell the hid. They seem to be in demand. I also have a bunch of mag ballasts in about every watt their is.

I will be getting a high dollar led within the next six months. Maybe after my second grow.

A little patients goes a long way in growing the MJ. This I know to be a fact.

I agree. But I wouldn’t waste the time with HID tbh. It’s a less efficient grow overall.(unless high ceiling commercial) Will take more energy daily to not only run the light. But to also mitigate the massively more heat hid produce over led.
In one grow that HID will bring its price point close up to the LED fixtures in extra cooling and operating costs.
HPS /MH operate at extremely high temperatures – 30000C/54000F. Much of that heat gets turned into infrared radiation. Infrared is a type of radiation that causes molecules to vibrate and heat up when it hits them. This infrared gets directed down on your plants just like the visible light radiation does .

HPS are still arguably best in high ceiling green houses though. Since when up high with magnifier you can get the most even ppfd levels across a canopy, when spaced correctly. But this is the one instance I would consider HID over LED. Hps in a tent just sounds like a bad time.

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Alright you talked me into it. Thing is my needs just changed. Due to a door my footprint has gotten smaller. Instead of a 4x4 I’m down to 3x4. I’m going to go with a 3 chamber 3x4 tent. It will be more fun for me with the 3 chambers . Now I can put some auto flowers in the mix.,Keep a mom, seedlings and clones and best of all I don’t have to spend a fortune for lights.

Meaning the main chamber is 2x4 or 3x3? Either way. Aim for actual wattage of 50/Sq ft… so a 2x4 or 3x3 would want ~300 watts. Ofc that number will decrease as technology increases. My flower tent is a 2x4 with a sf2000, 250 max draw. If I were to do it all over I’d have built my own hlg equivalent, since it’s cheaper than the sf2000 to do so.

Spider farmer is definitely the up and coming budget brand. If I ever buy a light that isn’t HLG in the future you bet it’ll be another sf. Besides wiring, that’s all you need to make a light better, brighter, stronger than the sf2000 which costs $70 more.
Crazy how if you do you’re own wiring you can save butt loads. Where name brand becomes cheaper than off brand…


I was thinking 4 of these just in the 3x3. Do you know the dimensions of these. I can’t seem to find it on the ad.

??? You would have to supplement co2 to be able to utilize just two of them in a 3x3 space. Guess two of them dimmed down could give you more even coverage in a 3x3. But like I said. Basically 50/ft is the most light your plants can handle without increasing every aspect of the grow, including generating CO2. These pull 260. That’s 10 more watts than I use in the exact same sized space.

I would just 2ft t5 fixtures in the propagation sections. Since they give off plenty of light for seedlings and clones that would fit in those cubbies. The problem with those cubbies is that each one is barely over 30" in height. Once you minus container height. You got what 22"? Only enough room for propagation really. Don’t forget you gotta hang a light too. Now looking at 18"… May be useful for drying tho too. Just not sure where one would veg in that.