Expanding my grow-need light advice

I have a 4 x 4 with two hlg XL rspec qb288 kits…am going to double my grow and looking at other lighting…these two cost me a out 700 last year, prices have gone up and new tech and products hitting the market, looking for some advice as far as continuing with those brand fixtures or switching to a different brand. Please chime in about "best bang for the buck recommendations. I See conflicting info with LED vs MH or HPS, I originally went LED for heat and power consumption purposes but rethinking it before I expand

If you are wanting to stick with HLG I would consider the 650r it would light up the entire tent and flower very nicely in even a 5x5. Then keep the two you have for a veg tent. I wouldn’t have the space to do all that but you might. Of course they have the 100w guys for I think they’re 150 bucks and flower 2x2

I am running the 650R in one of my tents. It is a 5x5 and the light is a beast. I hate to say it beats my CMH315’s hands down.

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I’ve got the hlg 65 v2 4000k. It’s great for 2×2 flower and they say will flower a 2×1.5
And I also have the 135 rspec. I’d suggest if you just want to expand your lighting in your tent a little, go with a cheaper hlg. They’re the best bang for your buck in my opinion.
But @dbrn32 can help better then I can. He may be able to answer any questions or suggest anything better then I can. I’m suggesting out of personal experience with Hlg, but he can tell you about everything when it comes to lights. So I’m sure at the least he can give you a great suggestion.