Question on light

I have a 3x3x6 tent that has a 260W QBV1 light in it right now. I am looking to add another light to the tent. HGL is out of the ones i have now but they have a QB288V2 it has a heat sink and 2 boards for 149.00 i need to know what driver to order for it. Or would that be to much light with both of them in the tent.

Sounds like a question for our LED light guru @dbrn32.

Too much light in my opinion. But if you wanted to do it, meanwell hlg-240h-c2100a


Ok ty very much i only grow 2 or 3 plants at a time. Wasn’t sure if it would be to much light.

One 260 kit is what hlg recommends for a 3x3. If you were itching to upgrade to hot new light would be one thing, but no need to run two fixtures like that in a 3x3.

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Hi I am a beginner grower I ad a sollux dual 2x55watt o supossly produzes 10000 lumens, can you tell me if that light works for growing my plants? I can send a foto of the sollux if needed

Couldn’t find them, pictures may help

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Got it!

Those are t5 fluorescent, excellent for vegging plants but most will use something with ligher efficacy for flowering. They typically run about 95 lumens per watt, as to where a good hps bulb will run 140 lumens per watt or the better leds closer to 200 lumens per watt.

Can I use it for flowering any way?

You can, just won’t provide optimal results. What is the cct of bulbs that are in it?

Don’t really know where to see that, I am not using it right now it’s stored I just want to know if I can use it or if it was a bad idea…

You can pretty much use anything. Better light you have the better your results will be. With the fluorescent people usually go with a cold white bulb to veg and a warm white bulb to flower.

Can I use one hlg 260 xl kit for my 4x4

You can, ideally you would want two of them for flowering.

Okay with 2 xl kits in my 4x4 how many plants is good without any problems and best yields

As many as you can fit in there depending on size. Won’t matter if it’s one large plant, 4 medium sized plants or 16 small plants. You will have proper light density for the area.

Okay thanks one more ? Is the 3+ rspec better then 2+

I’m not familiar with those numbers. Are we talking about lights from horticulture lighting group?

Those are lights from budget they have the 2+ and a 3+