1st grow. Let the adventure begin!

Those plants in the tent are under one HLG 260 kit and a blurple. Your girls will be under 3 HGL 300’s! Dude, your grow is going to rock.

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Obviously something you should address sooner than later.

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right now my seedlings are under the 1200w blurples though, hopefully theyll be fine for these really early stages.
very excited for the lights to come in, and i hope they come in soon. its bad that im not the most patient person xD
growing some weed should teach me some patience though haha


Addressed. My wife moved them.

They’re ILGM White Widows. I’m confident they’ll do OK.

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If you check out my early posts I Vegged under a blurple for a while. I’m fact, when I get the new HLG up and running, I’m moving it to the veg closet to help out in there.

Also, HLGs at 100% might be a lot of light for seedlings.

Check out my thread When is light, too much light?

For the slowing down of veg growth, lots of ways - just overwater them for a few weeks, that’ll really slow them down, or burn them up with nutes, takes a while to recover.

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Why would you want to be so cruel to your plants, that’s mean. You suppose to love your plants, not hurt them. @Hellraiser

Looking good :+1:

I want all 4 of them to make it into my flower tent probably mid august. I started them way too early. I need to slow their growth

My royal cookies photos are doing fine under a 1200w blurple, until veg and then its quantum board time. About to transplant soon. Roots look great. I have ww autos I’m about to drop soon. but this is my trial…my first grow , so I’ll be following everybody, when I can figure out how…


@LawKnee looks very much like time to transplant now, if you haven’t already gone root bound. Going root bound is bad for plants, the roots bind themselves up tightly wrapped around itself. It can halt the growth of your plant, and cause root rot. Then comes deep seated mold and possible diseases. You need to transplant ASAP Soldier. Both plants you got in those solo cups. Do yourself a favor, never grow in solo cups again… They bad for plants, in my opinion. Not to mention, they are hard to transplant from… Unless your roots have already formed a ball, and almost went root bound. They should have called it root wound, cause your root wounds around itself when it’s in to small of a space. Listen, I’m not fussing at you, I’m just trying to help. :face_with_monocle::seedling:

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@LawKnee This is a complete Grow Guide. It will help you learn what to do, why and when. This is just one grow guide. Not 200. Just click on the blue words “200+ Marijuana Grow Guides - Indoor & Outdoor Strains | ILGM”

And the way you do that, is this, @ and then the name of person you want to message.
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@NeoGroR @LawKnee [quote=“NeoGroR, post:108, topic:43462”]
And why not solo cups? What do you start in @draco

Solo cups can’t breath. Start in open face container, which is also easier to transplant out of. Transplant out early before root system tangles with other roots. About 1 week old transplant.

@NeoGroR Is you crazy… Don’t put your signature on anything… Now they know who you are. Brother man, you should have thought a little more on that one.


Beautiful sight, I love it when the flowering begins.

Everyone is flowering. Even the SD auto.

I’m excited to see what the sour diesel will do. That one is under a CMH with a 4000k bulb.

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So I found some leaves that raise a little concern.

Let me start by saying that I’m still out of town and my wife have been taking care of the plants. She’s been very careful with everything.

This is the beginning of week 3 of flower.

I’ve been feeding the fox farm schedule at about 1200-1300 PPM.

I don’t have run off info.