To add or not to add....?

Hi all. I have a 3x3 running an 600w led (true W is 260). If I add another of the same 600w will this be to much at a total of actual 520w? I ask because at 9x50 we get 450w so I will be a bit over. Thanks for the advise!

I also have a 3x3 and during flower running about 450W. They are two different lights. 1 is a kind XL600 and the other is 4 photo boost strips.

They love it. Set at about 24" 6" exhaust, 6" inline for intake plus circulating fan. So lots of air movement. If heat isn’t an issue and you have tent height, go for it.


Whoops tried to correct spelling and deleted… @beardless Thanks for the input. I have the height but am only running 4” so it will be interesting to see how it handles the extra heat. I have a felling I will be upgrading the ventilation soon…

From what I’ve learned in here, during flower it’s hard to give too much light. But during Veg, you can give too much. Check out my thread I started… “when is light too much light”

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@NeoGroR That’s great! Thank you!!

image The handcuffs (next to quote ") is the link tool. Type in the topic title and a list based on the characters entered will appear. The photo boost strips are on a dimmer and remote driver. I currently have them at 75-80%

A 3x3x7" foot space is only 63 cubic feet. Per hydrobuilder, the air s/b exchanged once every 5 minutes. I would think a 4" fan can exchange 12+ cubic feet / minute without a problem. Even if the exchange is once per minute (as some recommend) your fan sizing is not a problem. I went a little overkill on my setup and keep the 3 speed fan at its lowest setting.

@beardless thanks!

When is light, too much light?

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