Well, here's my rookie trichome harvest or not post

curious what anyone thinks of these - each a different plant, GG auto. i think i want a harvest at more of the cloudy phase, not 50% or more amber. i’ll reveal more on time since germination but would like a few unbiased opinions first. i am seeing more cloudy than clear and a small 5% or so of amber. but i am a rank dumbass redneck newbie…2nd gverall drow, first AF grow - all natural outdoors and organic
. :wink:

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Try to concentrate on the bud / calyx.
I cut this calyx off this morning to have a look under my scope

Hard to differentiate clear from cloudy.
I think the amber is on sugar leaves. They turn sooner.


It would also be good to see an overall shot of plant along with one whole cola.

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ok thanks - now more disclosure. i started 2 pp cbd kush and 5 af gg. March 22, under lights at 16/8. all seeds bought here. then went out of town for business and the wife moved the plants not knowing i had them strategially placed to know what was what. dummy me for not using popsickle sticks or similar. lesson learned.
so i thought no big deal, the af gg will flower soon, and the pp kush wont, so it will be easy to tell the difference.
so at 1.5 weeks i moved them outside, and ALL of them flowered and are growing serious buds. all seem to look similar and smell similar - although i am pretty sure i know one of the pp, based on smell/looks/whole plant structure - there are a couple that could be the other. so i am clueless.

if i posted pics of the whole plant then a close up of a bud - for all 7 - could anyone easily tell the difference? some even seem to have “hermie” characteristics - we are experiencing blazing record heat and i was a little lax in some of my soil mix so i think a couple are nutrient stressed.

my first grow was so phenomonally successful i took to this one rather lackadaisically. another lesson learned.