Help with monumental screw up

Please dont judge nutrition or situation - I tried to make my own soil and it was a resounding failure. However, I have buds and they are salvageable. I sampled and got high so there. Lol. Next container grow will be happy frog. Trust me.
Otherwise I am outside organic only.

problem is when away on a work trip my plants accidentally got mixed. so 4 of these should be autoflower gorilla glue and 2 should be photoperiod kush cbd. They were started mid-March under 16/8 lights, then moved outside to 11/13 at 1 week - I never expected that to set off the PP to flower, but now I have 6 plants with harvestable buds, but of course I wanted the PP to go till October. I have been advised that with a few weeks the PP will go back to veg stage. i just though when it started to bud they would stop, but some are fairly good sized.

so these are photos of each plant and a close up of the main cola. I think I got it right because the 2 in the ground (been 2 weeks) are growing larger than the others, so PP vs AF - but they all seem to smell the same.

anyone able to tell?

and should I just harvest the cbd buds and let the plants grow till a second flower? Will it even do it again?

or just rip them and next week - and if not too late - start a new PP cbd grow all outside?

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Have you been looking at trichs on buds.

#6 has already re-vegged. You may salvage something out of it.


1, 2, and 3 look ok. I’d let them roll. Not sure about 4 & 5.

so its a PP?

ok for what? if AF i will harvest next week, if PP let go. or rip up.

so it looks like i need to clip a bud from each, quick dry them, and see which gets me high (the gg af) or not (the kush cbd pp)

:rofl: I’m not sure what you mean? I’m so high rn bro

Let 1, 2, and 3 keep growing. 6 is revegging so harvest what you can. You can probably let 4 and 5 go and see what happens.


I agree with @The_Chef #6 has already revegged so that one def photo period i also see a few questionable spots on #3 so that could possibly be PP as well. But you can harvest buds and let plant reveg just leave a few small buds on plant for new foliage to grow from and if it dont reveg or grow more bud you know those ones were AF


Thanks bro for understanding what he was saying. I’m so high rn and completely drew a blank :man_facepalming:


@The_Chef hahahahahaha no problem bro i got you , i sat here for a min thinking to but figured it out lol


@surfgeo if you do a quick dry they won’t taste or do as good I no you want to sample but would let it dry real slow and then you will be happy.