Watering timing

So this feels like a stoopid question but lets make sure on when to water your ladies.

I’ve seen suggestions that say to water in morning so more water is better used.

And i took this from recent Bergman article
“Water at night or in the evening to reduce evaporation”

So what do you do or believe is best?

Now for the stoopid part… (real night or timer night)
I am thinking “timer night” since led450w light helps with evaporation.
My timer is 18/6…on @8pm and then off @2pm
(this schedule is to use more off peak hours).

I am also on 18/6 and currently my fark period is 230pm to 830 pm… I check them first thing in the morning…8-9am or so and I mist them with a spray bottle…usually check again around 2pm before lights out…may mist them again if needed…then lights out…I come back to them around 9pm after the lights are back on and if the soil is dry I water at this time…occasionally I go out and check on them again around 11pm or so before bed…just because they are so pretty…
it is cooler at night and usually more humid, plus, my fanes are on all day but I shut them off at night… cooler temps, higher humidity and less airflow means less of my water is being lost through evaporation.
during my lights out time…it is still 85 degrees and only 40% humidity so I would still be losing water…perhaps even more since the RH is low.

I water when they feel very light like they’re dry

I always have one plant in particular (everybody has one) that will tend to get droopy before all the rest

If I get to that point I know I’ve gone too far & water immediately

  • good luck

Any thoughts on drip irrigation?

It’s just as easy to pour out of gallon into solo cup free and easy but would be cool if I had the money

I use drip irrigation outside. In my experience when plants are able to depend on a regular watering regimen they are able to focus more effort into top growth. I build a simple manifold using pvc tubing and drill holes for the water to flow out of. Its very inexpensive and adaptable. Depending on my plant size I go with a every two day or three day watering on a timer. Drainage is super important.
I fertilize by hand so I customize my nutes and apply by quart.

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I like to water just before lights come on and inside I water by hand. Attempting to be consistent This helps to control humidity in my rooms. I am no expert and I just go with what works for me based on experience.

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I use drip irrigation inside. I use it mostly when I have to leave for a few days. Works out great. It beats having some else do it for you and coming home to plants all screwed up cause people can’t follow directions.


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