I forgot to water my plants this morning. As you can see they are sad right now. Wanted to know of I should water now or wait til morning. The lights cut off in 4 hours, and I dont want to interrupt there night routine.
Week 2 Flower

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I’d go ahead and water. I’ve watered before lights out many times, never had any issues. Plants always looked happy in morning :+1: other may have a different opinion though


Thx for the feed back. Made it this far an just trying to get to the finish line with no issues.

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Same as @Dave101. They get water whenever I’m able to do it.


Yup, agree… usually I either just go ahead and water or just give them a little bit to hold them over for the watering the next day.


Went ahead and :sweat_drops:. They looked much happier a hour later. I now see how much more they use in flower. Need to tighten my :hourglass:

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Everyone got you covered. I just do a light water to fill the gap but havent had any issues so far watering at different times.