Watering questions please 😀

Hello again. Ok so………. I’ve really been trying to learn some different watering skills, basically patience lol, I tend to over love my plants. It seems after I water my plants that they don’t look happy, they look droopy until the next day or so? And then straighten out, I currently water till runoff and try to wait 2-3 full days before watering again. I water at lunch time or after dinner and either times don’t make any difference.

12 gdp autos from here approximately 30 days old from surfaceing.

Worm castings/soil mixed with perlite.

My question is- should I be measuring water? And if suggested how much per plant?

This is my 3rd grow, this is my 2nd indoor grow. Haven’t really had this issue before and it’s kinda weird?

As always thank you all!!

You would think watering is easy and common sense, maybe I missed this class in 6th grade cause I was stoned🤔 huh??


Let’s see your plants.

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Lets see pictures. Depending on plant/pot size. They may not have been ready for complete soil drenching.


Of course this is a pic of now. I watered yesterday at about noon.

3 and 5 gallon pots.

Four 5 gallon and eight 3 gallon


They are big enough for a drenching. Ignore my earlier ramble lol.

Hmm how are your temps?


Newbie, on 2nd grow, we never watered for runoff, we did the lift and feel method.

Coco and jacks nutes. 60 days in i have yet to use over a half gal on a plant. Starting to drink more now starting wk 5 flower.

Our principal practice first time, less is better on all aspects.

Raised lights alittle to prevent burn, 80 percent nute strength, dialed lights back couple clicks each phase.  Water on drought to saturated.  We thought the bar was very low.  We had 3 plants in 2x3, one 2 many as recommendation prior to our starting was 2 for that space.  Almost 4 ozs per auto.

We are trying to dial it in, but winter is new factor, basically, less water used at this time compared to last grow.

Plants are looking very potent this time.

Less is okay to learn.

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Yes, both pre-water and post-water looks are similar (and natural).
Water by weight of planter change.
I have some that never dry out and some that dry daily, go figure.
I over water constantly, still.


Water to runnoff because different age/size and/or different maturity levels of plants and size of pots determine how much measured water is required and that amount changes as the plant grows and matures

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These pics were taken today at 550 pm
They haven’t been watered in Almost 2 days and the look decent to me?

I’m thinking I’ll water each plant individually and see what happens from there? Any other suggestions???

Thanks again

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individually, using the lift and feel weight of grow-bag.
I have some that never dry and other dry daily.
Mixologist was stoned when mixing soils, most likely.


Can you keep the mixed nutrients and use it to water plants on different days? Will mix degrade or go bad if not useing all at once?? Ty

It starts going funkie and PH shifts.
I frequently use 4-gal fresh water (tap- dechlorinated by time-4 da or bubbler-1da).
Then only mix one gal and PH for water/feed daily, as needed
If certain additives are used the mix will grow something in the water.
Molasses or Michorzz or re-charge will shift ph, more upon sitting.
Best method MIX, PH, TDS, and utilize. Underwatering better than over watering.
Set daily limit, lift and decide days routine.
Outdoor plants get extra mix. Lots of tulips here in the PNW.


Most ideal time to water is right at lights on. The stomata are mostly closed in the dark, so not a lot of water moves through the plant in comparison to when lights on and stomata are open. Your roots also need oxygen, this is why you see most people recommend to run wet/dry cycles. Since the plants don’t really need the water when lights are off this is the most ideal time for pots to be dry.

It’s pretty common to see plants droop some when going from dry to wet too. But i would try to consistently water them around time lights come on when the water is needed.


Unfortunately lights on is 4am, although I could water before I go to work around 530-6 am. Lights go out at 10 pm, when I usually water it’s either 12-1230 or later eve 7-9 pm

Thank you.


Thank you. I already started the lift and water the plants that need it, it’s weird because for some reason unknown, I have 12 plants, 6 on left side and 6 on right side, the 6 on left need water way more than the 6 on right. I watered the 6 left Saturday and I’ll just have to water the 6 on the right tonight when I get home.

But now after reading this I think I’ll push watering the 6 on the right till tomorrow morning around 6am if I can

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530:6 sounds like the better option. Just after lights on


Possibly a
source of internal tent wind or turbulence (fans, Oscillating fans, or hot dead spots in tent)?
IR-Heat gun mapping? Measure crowns on plants for significant variation, difference.
Plants, who knows.

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Lol honestly not sure

Inquiring minds want to know, keep us posted.