Watering is driving me crazy

I didn’t water my plants for 6 days! but they were still perky. slight drooping of the leaves and I mean just slightly drooping. so today I’m going out of town for 2 more days so I went ahead and watered. not alot. about 400ml of water per plant. but now it looks like they are drooping due to over watering. should I wait next time for them to be showing signs that they absolutely need water? the pots were super light when I picked them up be for I watered. is it ok to go that long without watering?


They look fone to me I know some people don’t water daily or every other day I have heard of 1 person going a week. If they were that dry then a little droop when first watered bur should perk up


Many reasons why you water only when dry.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your plants. Relax.


I’m in the same boat, it’s been 4 days since I watered, but plants still look fine and pots still have a bit of weight to them. I’m gonna hold off on watering today, but it seems like a fine line one way or the other.


I would rather let my plants dry out completly before watering again as long as plants healthy and thriving. Overwatering can cause way more issues in my opinion. Just keep an eye out for them to start getting hungrier and do keep a eye on weight of pot. One of my girls just went from watering every 2 days to every day so they will start using more


Ya, that makes sense. I’ve noticed having plants in plastic pots outdoors a few times that they will wilt and let you know when they need a drink. Will just be watching closely every day.

That’s the problem with small plants in big pots. The medium can hold a lot of water, but when it all drys out it is critical for the plant to get water. Big plants can suck up a lot of water and dry out the pot in a single day near the end. People using soil in plastic pots usually transplant a few times as they grow.

I just went to coco coir in cloth pots. Dump in enough nute solution every day and the excess runs out the bottom along with the accumulated salts. Plants love it. Impossible to overwater because the pot breathes and coco is hydroponic.


I use auto drip watering…clay cone attached to a tube. The soil is always moist. Has anyone else used this kind of system and had issues?

Mám automaticky hydroponický bubbleponics systém který je hodně ale hodně dobrý

A bezproblémové :ok_hand:

Your plants look great. When you water they will sometimes droop but they bounce back quick. If the pots were lite when you watered you are ok. Keep up the good work they look great :+1:

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What are you talking about… please explain…
Just curious… :wink:

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Watering schedules always have to be adjusted based on water usage/loss.

Smaller plants drink less. Some mediums retain water better than others. Water evaporates quicker when it’s hotter…

As others have stated above, your plant looks quite happy to me.

As she gets bigger, watering will become more frequent. Keep paying attention to what she wants and you’re going to end up just as happy as she is.



Sure. Here is a link to it.


I have the tubes going to gallon jugs with nutes. Can go 3 weeks without watering depending on plant size.

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Cool dude like all the lil grow gadgets that are out there

I use these for auto watering my pots
They work great but takes a little time to dial in
Water when soil is dry some plants drink more then others wven ifvthey are the same strain
I have 12 plants going now and they are all on different watering and feeding schedules ?



I’m having issues with hydrophobic soil, went to water this morning, day 6 since watering, and water will not soak into soil. I’m already nervous to not over water, and my soil isn’t helping. Any suggestions to get a handle on this now, so I’m not gonna have to fight it for the rest of my grow?

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I would start by heavily misting the surface of each soil bed several times and then watering very lightly over and over until you get runoff. The idea here is to avoid having the water going in so rapidly that it forms channels in the soil. You need for the water to contact the soil long enough to get it hydrated. I hope this helps @JDS1972.

Be sure to adjust the pH of your water and test the pH of the runoff. For soil the target pH is 6.5 for runoff.


It sounds like your soil has dried up way too much. @merlin44 is right, you have to hydrate your soil so the water doesn’t create channels and run straight through. Is it just the top of the soil that’s like that, or is it all the way through?


If the soil is too dry throughout the pots, you may need to actually immerse the each pot in pH adjusted water to get the soil to properly hydrate. This step should only be done if you are unable to get the soil to absorb water using less aggressive measures.

Immersion risks getting the soil too wet and causing root rot, mold, etc. This is an extreme measure. I doubt it will be required.

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