Watering amount question

I have 5gal fabric pots and I am growing in living soil. I have been watering every 4 days, soil is usually dry or very close to dry, and I’m watering with 500ml of Water at PH of 6.2. I am current mid way through week 4. So if after I water them they drop a bit for a short time then bounce back, am I giving too much water at one time? Should I lower the amount? The soil is airy and I dont water to run off because I’m in organic soil. I have a gwan blowing air through and around the pots. The last time I watered them it was mid day and they drooped until the filling Morning they were back at attention. This time i don’t want to stress the out if i am giving them too much water at a time.

I have a plant not much older than that, needs water every 4 days
I give it 48 ounces with no run off. Its in a 3 gal fabric pot.
So I do not think 16 ounces you are giving is too much.
It is normal to droop a while after watering.

Pics would help, but if you are adding 500ml and waiting until the soil is dry in 4ish days, then it sounds like you are on the right track.

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Ok cool, I’ve been doing LST the last few days, and I didnt want to stress them out any more than I already have by giving them too much.

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Looks good. Waterings will increase as they mature. You’ll up watering quantity when you see it takes less and less time to dry out. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles, so keep doing what you are doing.

Awesome!! Thank you