Water schedule for autoflowers?

Does anyone here have a good watering schedule in mL or anything else? Im a beginner grower and I’m not sure how much to water as I do not want to overwater. My seedling is around 9 days old now. Thank you!


Size and type of grow medium? A couple pictures help. Typically a non living soil grow is a wet/dry cycle. My personal preference is a cloth pot watered to runnoff before a transplant. I then leave it alone for a while until girl gets comfy then go to a wet/dry schedule. Temps/humidity play a large part in the cycle. High temps more water. High humidity less. Both issues i wing it. Cloth is a super easy pot amd will be hard to overwater once they establish.


Post some pics Growmie, :love_you_gesture:

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At 9 days old id be doing full daily watering in my coco

This helped me some

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Hi! Sorry, I wanted to post more replies but I was limited to a few. I’m growing in around 70% soil, 15% perlite and 15% coco coir. I grow in a fabric pot with some larger pebbles at the bottom (forgot the name of them).

Here’s some pictures:


My temps are usually around 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit and I try to keep the humidity from 60-80 percent.

I’m looking for a decent watering schedule if anyone can provide it in mL, here’s my girl so far!


I cant help with amounts. Plants differ. Soil is 6.5 ph in and i watered to runoff about once a week. Other waterings were based on weight of pot. Light water. Heavy no. Bottom wet wait a day. Bottom dry pot light water just to runoff. Someone should chime in with a sorta amount. I am in living soil. Stays moist/wet. You look dry. Overwatering isnt doing it once. Overwatering is keeping soil soaking wet everyday. I would water that girl to runoff once…then wet/dry cycle from there on. Nice pots with the grommets there.

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Full waterings till run off every 4 days in about 2-3 weeks go down to 3 days when you pick up the pot a day before watering and its feather light you’ll know theyre ready( if you re doing a good job with light uptake then it make even go down to 1-2 days)

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Hey ucsammy, I have had very good outcomes watering my soil in cloth pots with 1 liter of water a day.

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What’s a full watering look like to you? Watering until runoff? I haven’t done this yet I don’t think but definitely need to. How do I water until runoff in a fabric pot? Just keep watering until some falls out the bottom? or some runs off the sides?

Depends on the size of pot but water until water comes out of the bottom ( it can come out the sides if you re watering to fast) be careful and give it a couple minutes before adding more water then you expect because it takes a minute for the water to travel through and you can end up with way more runoff then anticipated

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Aint that the truth…lmao. watching the puddle form and going…dangit.

Appreciate it! I think I was just too scared to “overwater” the plant, heard underwatering was less damaging to the plant so I just watered every other day with about like 100 mL or so. I followed this schedule for the first few days. Do you guys think it’s good?


No its terrible 1/10 of a litre every other day? 1 week in im giving my girls 1.25 litres EVERY DAY for coco but soil needs a wet dry cycle so its going to be closer to 1/2 a gallon every 3-4 days

I give my auto about 2 liters of water every 2-3-4 days depending what it’s using. Right now she’s been through a gal in 3 days so far. But she’s a month into flower

So for my day 10 old girl I should be giving her about 1 litre of water every 2-3-4 days depends on how she takes it? The water should be PH tested as well right?

Of course 6.3-6.5 is optimal for flower

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Appreciate it, I’ll try to give her 1 litre of water tonight when lights go on. Then I’ll check how she absorbs it throughout the next days. Should I be giving her more water at any certain points in time? I.e. vegetative → flowering

Curious what changes with a living soil grow regarding water?

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A living soil is ammended with a plethora of required nutes. It is allowed to “cook” for a couple weeks to a month. This allows the living bacteria etc to grow. They then break down the nutrients. The plant has a symbiotic almost relationship with the microorganisms. They will regulate ph and help plant uptake the nutrients. They die when dry out so always a moist pot. Can water in at ph 5.5-8.5 or so. 9.0 amd up not so much…lol. Victim here. 1 ammendment 2 weeks before flower and MAYBE a tea during flower. Other than that…water. To see amazing results I would point you to this mans thread. @MeEasy . Simplest grows I have ever done. Havent mixed a nute in about a year.