10 day old autos how much water during watering

My autos are doing good im do to water how much water do I need to use in 5 gallon pots? I don’t want to over water and put them in a slump

Here’s a link that will will tell you in more detail than I could type out

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Thanks for the read it very informative and helpful

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I saw some folks water the entire pot but I personally just kept going from the main stem out about 6" when they were that young. I wasn’t until they were like 30 days old did I saturate the entire pot. Maybe that’s not such a great thing though because of un-even nutrients?


That is a exactly how I approached this grow @OooWee1184. I continue to water more away from the main stem to encourage continued outward root development.

Look good @Dsp3. Lots of knowledge around here to soak in.

I am on grow #2 and learning a lot with each passing day. Take good notes of what you do, and you will learn quickly by doing and reading.

Continued success.

For what it’s worth.
I’ll fill about 1/3 of bottom with soil and moist.
Then fill the rest and spray mist when the seed pops.
In hopes the tape root finds the moist soil at the bottom

Tucked the kids into bed they looked happy


Nice fat leaves shes gonna help you get absolutely nothing accomplished lol

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Lol I hope so im hoping to have a few girls out of them

You in soil or coco?

It’s soil

Very nice, they look healthy :slight_smile:

I give mine a liter at a time at that size, like others have said, watering just away from the stem. Started nutes on my sour diesel with last watering✌️IMG_20210128_135836|666x500



Looking nice!

Continued success.