Ventilation, exhaust question

1st grow . 2.3x2.3 tent.
Exhaust fan placement, I see several methods, fan inside - filter outside, filter inside -fan outside, both inside, both outside.
WTF? Whats the popular (correct?) method?

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I would put as much of the fan hardware as you can outside of the tent given that it is 2.3x2.3. You will need as much room as you can free up in that size tent.


Hey @MidwestGuy:muscle:t2::100: He’s right you can put your filter outside with your exhaust fan on the inside will work just fine… best of luck

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Like @MidwestGuy said space often determines the setup.
Because I wanted max vertical space in my 7’ tent I set everything outside the tent. Exhaust is blown through the filter. This setup is less effective than drawing air through the filter. In my case it is effective enough because it is a small tent and a large filter and fan.

More traditional setup.

A good compromise is to have the filter in the tent and the exhaust fan outside drawing through the filter.


Here is my 4×2×5’ tent setup… it’s a tight fit … i originally had it on the outside like beardless but the plant smelled so loud i had to rearrange it.


Based on size of the tent I also vote outside. With a bigger tent I like to put Exhaust fan and filter inside also helps with noise. Good luck :v:

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Got the same light. Loving it. Looks like yours are loving it too.

Yes indeed i just put it up a couple days ago thx

Above they provided the best method for noise containment.
Additionally AC-I Infinity DC PW Controlled fans are quieter than AC fans with screemingly painful noise.
Frequency deafness for jets, bullets, and spouse.

Your space is severely limited. Stick as much outside your tent as possible. Everything in the tent reduces how much plant you can grow in there. :+1:t2: Good luck!!

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