Fans & ventilation

In my grow room I have an exhaust fan to vent out.
I thought to make them strong you needed moving air or their weight will make them topple over.
My question is do I need a fan to move the air around also or will exhaust do it itself?

It is better add fan

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I have three fans along with my filter running in my tent so I would definitely put some fans in there or a fan in there

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Thanks, I’ve got a green thumb but dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to mechanical stuff. Will I use fans throughout grow?
Is there a topic to help someone put together their tent?
I can’t figure out if the exhaust fan & filter are supposed to go. On floor or where?
Also using 400 HP’s & the wings go up into a V. Aren’t they to be down?
Plus I’ve got two straps & two hanger things ( like what I hung lights with) extra.
Remember told ya dumb as box of rocks but super inquisitive :grinning:

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Fans inside the tent will also help prevent possible mold and mildew problems.

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Thanks, makes sense

Need to see some pics of what your working with to be able to give advice to your issue , as far as some of your equipment is concerned… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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OK have figured out exhaust & filter placement.
Looking good, But there wings on my HP’s light go up in a V. Shouldn’t it be an upside down V?
At work can send pic later.
Thanks again!

That’s what sounded weird about what you said earlier… :wink:

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OK, Lol. I said I was “slow” on this kinda stuff but in my defense what threw me was instructions for exhaust said I needed to connect to floor, ceiling or wall. I got no instructions with tent and admit I’m on day 3. Gotta stop , smoke and ponder it all.
Truly appreciate help

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One more stupid question.
My hubby wants to place boards at top of tent to attach exhaust. Won’t it vibrate if not hanging and if so what will that do? We were sent two small straps but afraid won’t hold up when running.
Help please

In my old tent I had fans zip tied to the tent, I ran out of room on floor. Those straps work great. I have my carbon attached to the wall of my closet with them.

See straps holding about 12 feet above

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So even vibrating from running two straps will hold my exhaust & filter at top of my tent?

Yep. I have 2 4 inch fans hooked up to this closet, about 4 months ago all was in my tent. Yes some vibration does happen and it’s nothing.

Thanks again for All the help. As you can tell first grow indoors & nervous as kitten to not screw up.
On way to work to make seed money. Due to hubby’s medical problems thinking of chronic widow or crystal. Do know from reading if I go crystal I also gotta learn to scrog.
Many thanks!

I like Kush and chitral for pain. I cannot use rx due to titanium dioxide allergy, so pot is asprin.

You’re doing better then I am my friend. I’m a newbie & I want to grow but I’m pretty clueless. Heck, I’d love to ask for help like you have if I could figure out how to post a new topic here. I’ve read the instructions on how to post a new topic & I don’t see the option in the bottom right hand side like it says will be there.

I understand grow tents, lights, etc but it’s the whole exhaust fan thing that I just can’t figure out. I’ve read about it, watched youtube video’s etc. I can’t figure it out. Where do you buy them? What size? How are they installed & vented, etc? What do they cost? Do you need to vent it out the window, etc? Do you need a filter if you are only growing a few plants? Why do you need an exhaust fan? Can I set up a small grow tent without them since I don’t understand them? I want to order seeds & get started but I can’t even figure out the basics.

This I would say is the best forum I’ve found for help
To create a topic you’ll see topic on right just click it and you can start your own topic.
Amazon and others have grow tents. You can purchase one fully operational ( exhaust, lights ,reflectors ect) for around $500. If you can’t afford on ilgm Robert has help in setting up sm room in like a closet with CFLs and foil.
Hope this helps.
Everyone here is sooo helpful.

Topic is on top right side before remarks.
Let me know if I can help.
As you see from my posts just starting out too but like I said there are many many helpful people here with years of knowledge.
Good Luck