Super Soil verses added nutrients

I am currently growing autoflowers in a mix of Super Soil and Happy Frog with no added nutrients. I have run into some minor leaf burn but nothing severe that leaves my crop in ruins. Question: Is Happy Frog enough by itself or should I continue to buy the super soil to mix with it? If HF itself is good enough, it would save me $60 bucks a grow. I am trying to stick with nutritious soils rather than added nutrients.

Happy Frog is generally good for nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant. I’m not aware of any soils that do not require nutrients for the entire growing lifecycle.

HF shouldn’t be burning your plants on its own. I’ve seen Ocean Forest burn plants before, but never HF.


I use Happy frog by itself and they say you can get through veg without adding any additional nutes but you’ll have to start adding nutes in flower.

I have been using FFOF and HF depending on availability. I then add Earths Living Soil super soil to it. For a five gallon cloth pot I mix 1 pound of super soil to the Fox Farms. Sorry I wasn’t more clear about my current mix.

Kisorganics. Has a water only soil I’ve never used it but I trust the company I’ve been buying other products from them for a couple years. They also sell a premixed product that you add to your soil all organic and you just feed with teas. I haven’t used these either but again I trust them and have learned alot from them.

I’m using a premixed product from thegreensunshineco. called Earth Dust it’s good stuff and is the easiest way I’ve ever grown and the cheapest it costs me about $5 per plant and I reuse the same soil every time so that expense is gone. No more ph testing all organic living soil dry amendments that I top dress two times per grow